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    Okay, here is a hard one, I was threading my turk mauser reciever for a scope mount, and the tap broke flush with the reciever. How do you get the broken tap out?
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    You're right that is a hard one. The metal in the tap is to hard to drill out and if it broke it's probably jammed in there pretty hard. You may find a machinist to cut it out with a diamond tipped drill. That's about the best I can do

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    You could try using a tap extractor. It is a tool that has prongs that go around the broken tap.
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    Broken Tap

    As you've found out, that's why the gunsmith gets the bucks! Sorry! You need the following: Candle wax, eyedropper, rubber gloves, eye protection, needlenose pliers, baking soda, water, gun oil.

    Here's what I would do....Start off building a wax dam around the tapsight, covering everything you don't want damaged w/ hot candle wax. Then using an eye dropper, slowly drop by drop, etch the tap and hole with nitric acid until it loosens up enough to back it out with needle-nose pliers. Remember to rinse well with lots of fresh water and neutrilize w/ baking soda. The nitic acid will etch out the hole so you want to keep monitoring your progress. Don't leave it overnight. GOOD LUCK! Let us know how you make out. Don't forget to oil everything after to prevent rusting.

    P.S. Finding the Nitric Acid could be a might substitite Muriatic Acid at a Masonry Supply store???

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    Ummm, before you try the acid test(I'm sure it works) you might try contacting your local Snap-On dealer. Snap-On sells Cobalt drill bits that are harder than the average tap. They even sell them in reverse twist that will back it out automatically if it gets a good enough bite into the tap. I bought a screw extractor set containing Cobalt bits many years ago and have had no problems with removing anything yet. Just don't break the Cobalt bit off in the hole or you will be stuck with the acid method for sure.
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    Am I the only one who has heard of a Tap Extractor? Use the right tool!
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    These other comments are interesting, a guy may end up in BFE and need to do a bit of McGiver. On the other side of the coin, I'm a firm beliver in the right tool for the job. But, I have to admit, Iv'e used a wrench for a hammer, ha ha.
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    monte, Look in the phone book or call a machine shop and find someone who does EDM (Electro Discharge Machining) they will get your tap out in about 10 minutes, leave the threads as they were, and won't ruin your receiver. It's uaually a minimum charge, and about the best way in the world to solve this problem with no worries.
  9. If all else fails. I've got an extra receiver. Send me a private message.