Broomhandle ID help needed.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Phillip, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. Phillip

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    Have a Broomhandle brought back by a relative in WW11. Can anyone give me some information based on my observances.
    Right Side: Waffenfabrik Mauser
    Oberndorf A.Neckar
    R. Side, flat before barrel taper: a "stylized" E with Crown?
    Left Side: Serial 54XXX and what appears to be a "Crown" on top
    of a "U" ?
    Top of barrel: Manufact.
    Slide Grip: Crown over "U" ? and 4XXX
    Hammer: "N" inside of "S", and last 3 serial#s
    Under Hammer: 54XXX
    Backstrap: 54XXX
    Under Barrel: 7,7,S(?) q or b, a 6 point star over "M", and what
    appears to be a bird(?) on top of something(crown?)
    Grip: Red "9",grooved

    Thank You for your help!
  2. Kyrie

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    Hi Phillip,

    By the description it sounds like you have what collectors call a “Red Nineâ€￾ C96. These are C96’s purchased from Mauser by Imperial Germany as a secondary side for issuance during the Great War. Here is the URL for a site that may help:

    Best regards,