Browning .22 semi belguim

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    I just purchased a .22 Browning serial number 1567. It is stamped Belgium and I was told it was over 70 years old. Does anyone know how old this gun is and its value. It states .22 short smokeless on the barrel. Thanks for any help
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    Depends on Condition...If it is 95% shape it is 750.00 by the new Blue Book,
    98% is 925.00.
    These prices are for a Grade 1 and Grade 4 rifles...
    The grade 2 and 3 Engraved and signed riflles are Higher values than above!
    Early Top loaders were made from 1914-1955 ,in 1956 they went to the thru the side of the stock for loading...

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    Browning 22

    Thanks for the help guys. I'll try to post a picture, but I have the old dial up and it takes a while to get one posted. Us old guys are not that computer savy and it takes me a while.
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