Browning grade 1 .22

Discussion in 'Firearm Appraisal' started by Mr.tbolt, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. Mr.tbolt

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    I am looking at a 1968 Browning grade 1 .22. The finish on the wood is beginning to checker, and there are some small dents in the wood. The bore looks fine. It also has the flip down sights. The marks on the wood are down by the butt plate. They are small, but they are noticable. The blueing is very nice. Any ideas on the value?
  2. Steve

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    My guess would be approx. $500-$650 with out any pictures to go by.

  3. Well,

    price is is sometimes affected to a degree by the region in which you live.
    In the Texas Panhandle I would not go over $500 and would make an initial offer of $375 to see what happens.