Browning HP: Single Action or Double-Action/Single Action?

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    I've been reading up on the Browning Hi-Power. But, some publications say it is single-action and other say it has a double-action first shot. I also understand that there is no manual de-cocker for the Browning Hi Power. Can you guys clarify?
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    The HP is single action.
    If memory serves, i believe they make a DA version of the HP.
    No manual decocker, you have to drop the hammer with the thumb.
    The HP in original form is the best pistol in the world!!! I chose to carry one in combat when I could have had my choice of several other pistols.

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    My FN Hi Power when you engage the safety, the hammer does drop. It has the SFS system.
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    I have some twelve FN/Browning pistols from the 1910 7.65 to a late model Hi-Power Practical and a Hi-Power .40 S&W with the SFS, and also the offshoots FN HP-DA/DAO varieties including one Browning BDAO-9 which is virtually the same gun marketed in the US, and two FN HP-DA Compacts including a rare DAO. I'm not an expert but have Anthony Vanderlinden's book on the FN/Browning Hi-Power and would call myself an informed collector but I'm sure not rich so I'm evidently done collecting.

    The FN HP-DA is NOT a Hi-Power but a completely different gun. This can be confusing because I have seen one advertised with the designation Mark III on the right side of the slide which is a Hi-Power model designation. Most say either FN HP-DA/DAO or Browning SA. They come in SA/DA with decocker and DAO without one. Parts and magazines aren't interchangeable with regular Hi-Powers but mags will interchange with the Browning BDM, a gun which was actually made in the US by Browning (all Hi-Powers including the Browning brand and all HP-DA models are made by FN Herstal which owns Browning (and Winchester), assembled in Portugal since the 1980s). FN HP-DA models aren't made any more and parts aren't available (except probably to the Finnish defense forces who adopted the gun). Evidently when they were made FN was trying to get American law enforcement interested but didn't do a good job of marketing them. I consider them fine, reliable all steel guns and am not parting with any. They can be found occasionally on the major gun sale sites; currently there are two FN HP-DA Compacts and a FN HP-DA service pistol advertised- the former two on GunsInternational and GunsAmerica and the latter on Gunbroker. The HP-DA service pistol takes a 10 or 15 round mag and the Compact 10 but a different smaller type, though a 15 rounder will fit protruding from the butt.

    If I can answer any questions feel free to write.

    Bill in Cleveland
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    Interesting. Any thoughts/knowledge about the Israeli-made Kareen HP clone? I recently bought one, apparently an early model, and I'm quite impressed. I think it's a helluva pistol, but it's the only HP type I've ever even been close to. Ima likin' it!
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    Not I- I only have the genuine FN Herstal ones. Anyone?
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    Not aware of any ever offering DA or de-cocking. I've had later models (FN) and early models, (FN produced during German occupation pistole 640b). The German ones had some features eliminated (magazine safety) kept that one which is my favorite.
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    I my first pistol was a Hi-power love that gun then Browning came out with the bdm double first. Shot shingle the rest or... You could turn a screw on the slide with a nickel and it was double action only and it holds 15 rnds only ran a short time came out when the military was looking for a 9mm