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Discussion in 'General Rifle' started by Sir Elwood, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Sir Elwood

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    I noticed a nice Browning Medallion in 300WSM today at the local gun shop. Do any of you guys have any experience with the Browning Medallion or own one ? :feedback:
  2. sourdough44

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    Yes, I have 2 Medallions & a few Hunter A-Bolts. I have a 300WSM A-Bolt in the Hunter version, which has the same guts as a Medallion. I like it very much. I usually use a smaller round when it comes to deer hunting though. I just shot one black bear with it. I handload all my ammo so I could load it down some, but lately I've been using my 284win or a 243.

    I like the 23" barrel on the A-Bolt, long enough for me. It is a lighter weight gun & does kick a little with full power loads. I'd put it in the 30-06+ category. A handloader could easily load up & down with it. The only thing I have done to my A-Bolts is to change out the trigger spring with a Timney. It's very easy to do. I have gone with the 'medium' spring in big game rifles & used a few 'light' springs on varmint A-Bolts. I think you could find a lightly used 300WSM A-Bolt without to much trouble. I paid $615 for my 300wsm in the 'Hunter' version, blued, wood stock. It was sorta an impulse buy, near average price.

  3. Browning

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    As sourdough stated, only flaws Browning has is their trigger set. My gunsmith even told me that. And yes they make a very light rifle which makes for a bit more kick, but they balance and point SO well from the shoulder. Only gun I've found to beat the craftsmanship and feel ins a Sako. Thats as far as moderately priced (off the shelf) guns go.