Bryco-Jennings Firearms Model 38 380 auto

Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by pachuco209, Jun 16, 2011.

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    I recently came into possession of a Model 38 380 auto Jennings Firearms made by Bryco arms and I have heard some pretty scary things about them. It was an old gun of my pops and he gave it to me. I read that they are defected guns and are "junk guns" and "saturday night specials." I just want to know if it's safe to shoot or should I just sell it off to someone that wants it. From what I know the company is no longer in business do to a lawsuit. It functions thus far but I haven't fired it yet. I've taken it apart and put it back together just fine. What should I do with this pistol? From what I read about the lawsuit, the safety has to be off to unload and that's how an accident happened to someone.

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    I'd use it as a trade-in on a nice quality-made pistol...that way you can escape the 5-day waiting period.

    Some folks have done alright with 'em, but I'd sooner trust my life to a rubber-band zip-gun.
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    They were made from pot-metal, zinc, soft alloys like that. I wouldn't trust it.
  4. Ten Man

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    I would also advise getting rid of it, UNLESS you have a need for a cheap, last-ditch effort gun in your back pack.

    I owned two of them up until a year ago. One was blue, and one was silver. They both shot OK, but would bite the web between my thumb and finger. They function as well as can be expected for a $100 gun.
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    I have one too and they are good for the first shot at point plank range thats about it. It is about as useless of a gun as I have ever seen, if you dont have a high firm grib on it, it will jam every other shot (on a good day) and if you do have a high firm grip it is going to bite the webbing on your hand. On top of that at 10 feet from a shooting vice this thing shot like 10 inch groups!! Not even kidding. It would be better of greater use if you wield the ejection port and muzzle closed and used it as a paper weight. I hate to say that about a gun but in this case it really is about that bad. JMHO
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    rather than asking biased opinion go to this site for factual info from unbiased owners. they have good and bad reports. :: Index

    but if you want to get rid of it i'll send you packaging and shipping fee's, and my adress:cool:
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    I would agree. I owned a couple of them and they were ok. Nothing dazzling but nothing terrible either. I did like the way they felt in my hand.

    The slide bite can be fixed in 10 minutes with a small file. There is a "fluff and buff" on that forum that definitely helps.

    I eventually traded mine for a Mosin Nagant.

    There are better guns out there and they aren't that much more expensive.

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    First I will say I am not a gun snob. I have a Hi-Point in the safe right next to a Browning. I like guns that work as they should regardless of the price. I have a Bryco/Jennings .380 in my closet right now with the last inch of the slide missing. Yup blew right off. If your wanting another cheap pistol. Trade it in on a Hi-point.
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    Since it belonged to your Pops, remove the firing pin and recoil spring, put it in a shadow box, and hang it on the wall. When people ask about it just tell'em it was your Pops gun.
    The Jennings guns were popular during the 1970's because they were cheap. Their QC was poor as was their materials but it was a gun everyone could afford. Do what you please with it but speaking as someone who never got a thing from my father...your Pops gave it to you.
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