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  1. ALR

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    I see by the 'How old are you' thread, there are a bunch of us that need to start on a Bucket List......Whats on yours?
    AH may need to start early.....LOL!.......He sounds older LOLOLOL!
    CGO is excused....I donwanna get shot! :wall:
    I want to join a range with long range targets, 300+ yds and shoot every Thursday like my Dad did.
  2. Whats a Bucket List ? I went through a spell of collecting Buckets. There was a Hamburger joint that got there Pickles in 5 gallon Buckets. I betcha I got 50 5 gallon Bucket's out in my shed. There good one's to ! They Smell's like Dill Pickles but that don't hurt anythang.

    Who you call'in OLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG] LOL

  3. ALR

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    Are any of the buckets green or kosher?
    I like dill too!
  4. There green LOL !!! I did pick up a white one, one day and I use it for a trash can in my shop LOL
  5. Alan Duke

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    AH can take care of his own bucket list.......he has the cash........

    from the money he found


    by the river!
  6. AH isn't old, his area's just half a century behind everyone else.

    Also, check out www.43things.com
  7. CalifgirlinOk

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    I don't feel like shooting anyone today.Maybe tomorrow or the next day..LOL

    I want to see Scotland before I kick the bucket.But I don't think it's going to happen because my wallet tells me I don't have the money.I would love to rent a car and travel the back roads.I don't want to go to all the tourist traps.I want to mingle with the local people and experience their everyday lives.
  8. I have bee whittling away at my bucket list since just before I retired. Doing good except I keep finding more things to put in my bucket. So far the biggies are Alaska, Key West, NYC plus almost eerything in between.
    I am still working on exploring corners of Arizona I ain't seen yet.
  9. To be honest my Military career and working as an OTR driver afforded me the chance to do and see most things in my bucket list. I hope it doesn't sound like bragging because I know just how fortunate I am to have been able to see and do so much during my lifetime. I have seen the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza, walked the streets of Cairo and Alexandria, Tel Aviv and Haifa, set my feet in the river Jordan and stood in the very room believed to be the site of the last supper and visited the tomb of King David, Jeruselum, Capuerneum, Istanbul and Anatalya, Morrocco and Tunisia, Rome, Venice, Naples and see St. Marks Cathedral, Marsellies, Paris and Gambled in the Casino in Monaco, Portsmouth and London, Glasgow and Dublin, Bergan Norway and Amsterdam, Felt the awful pain that was Aushcwitz, Spain and the Azores, Bermuda, The Virgin Islands, Haiti, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico and the Hawaiin Islands, much of Canada, and have been especially blessed to have seen all 50 states extensively. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful country. There are of course things still to see and do, my Missus and I both want to visit Russia and she dearly wants to see Alaska at least once. I'd like to fish and travel the Amazon just like the folks I read about as a child, and view the Mystery of Easter Island. But I also know there are far more days behind me than ahead, God willing perhaps he'll bless us a little more and allow us to see more of his works.
  10. srt 10 jimbo

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    Just one thing on mine. going to see the Cubs win the World Series before I die! Something tells me I should lower my Standards.
  11. Huey Rider

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    ^^ That'll probably be the same year that the Lions win the superbowl!!
  12. Browning

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    fill my trophy room with all of North Americas great wildlife. Honeymoon in Hawaii. Walk the strip in Las Vegas. Do some great fishing. And I wouldn't mind driveing something over 200MPH.
    I'm a pretty simple kinda guy as u can see. :)
  13. Tigercat200

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    I've been fortunate to have done many things in my life and right now my wants are very simple...........find a job that won't go away again so I can work until I decide to retire, enjoy time with my wife, teach the grandkids things to do that will make their parents crazy, watch the hummingbirds dogfight, shoot when I want to, and, maybe, get back to flying some.

    ALR...........You need to check into PASA Park in Barry, Illinois. 600 yard rifle, 200 yard pistol, 25 & 50 yard precision pistol, and 100 yard smallbore rifle all with at least ten covered firing points, maybe more, I didn't count. And three steel plate arrays, a bunch of bermed areas we use for IPSC matches, and Smith & Wesson hall is open every day so you can use the bathroom and soda machine. Think you can hanld the $25 a year dues?
  14. Oxford

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    Good idea to have an informal bucket list. Don't know what I'd add to my life's experiences besides:

    -Travel to Africa, China, lots of mainland USA sites
    -Continue doing the current things in my lifestyle. Staying healthy is the main key.
    -Acquire more guns and hunt more.
    -Get a more modern fishing boat.
    -Lose more weight
    I'd have to think a while before my list is complete.
  15. BigCaneSwift

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    Never say never the Saint's won the SuperBowl!!! Who Dat!
  16. Windwalker

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    At my age mine would be very simple. Two things. To see my Grandchildren in a safe and loving home and to go to the mountains to live out my remaining time. Due to circumstances and finances neither seems very likely.
  17. billy

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    build and drive a land speed vehicle.
    go to bottom of mariana trench
    fall in love and live happily ever after
  18. So a Bucket List is things you want to do and place's you want to visit ? I'm guessing, I'm I correct ?
    If I've guessed right the first place I'd like to go is Washington DC and meet Obama.
    I would like to accidently step on his big toe real hard.
    I've always heard they have bad feet...A.H
  19. SwedeSteve

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    Bucket List

    1. Find my bucket.
  20. Mooseman684

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    Thats a good question since I have done almost everything I wanted...
    I would Like to kill and butcher a Buffalo , But I havent ever drawn a Tag in all the years up here.

    I would like to meet ALL the Gun and Game members , but that is pretty unrealistic I reckon.