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Good mornin ya'll, buddy of mine offered me his Scar 17 for a price that I couldnt pass up.

To be frank, its just gonna be a range toy, like 100 yards max.. nothing more. Might even sell it down the road.

So just wondering whats a budget friendly optic (300-350 ish)... that can with stand the scars infamous action.

Maybe something from primary arms or holosun?
Thanks for the help in advance!馃馃馃

Edit: got a compm3 on my ar, so I dont really need a $$$ kinda optic atm.

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Check out the Primary arms acss cyclops micro prism. I have one on a 10.5 5.56( close range gun) and its a pretty great optic if you dont want magnification. It says on their website that they tested it with 7k rounds of .308 scar.

I think they just came out with one in FDE too.
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