Buffalo Classic

Discussion in 'H&R 1871' started by draftingmonkey, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. draftingmonkey

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    Here is my latest acquisition, an H&R Buffalo Classic in .45-70 Govt.



    Rear sight

    Front sight with various supplied sight aperature profiles
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    Nice buy. I have read many great things about them.

  3. 338RUM

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    I wanted one to ream to 45-120
  4. That is one that has always been on my list to get. Congrats.
  5. How does it shoot, there's been one in a local gunshop for about 3 years. Been looking at it but can't make up my mind about it
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    draftingmonkey: Sir, This will be a fun shooter:). Range Reports :)
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    The 45-70 will never compete with any of the high-velocity rounds for distance shooting. However my Buffalo Classic is by far my favorite rifle for shots out to 125-150 yards. The rifle is not limited to this distance, it's these old tired eyes and that fine old peep-sight. My nephew saw some guys shooting Buffalo Classics at a large truck brake drum hung between 2 posts at over 300 yards and "gonging" them at a regular pace! I shoot hogs mostly and that 405 grain chunk on impact, sounds like they've been hit with a boat paddle. They hardly ever run at all. And, I've never recovered a bullet.
  8. New to the site and am looking for info and help for my H&R BC 45-70. Before I go into my question is there anyone out there who would listen to my problems with it in regards to hand loads??

    Would greatly appreciate any help.

  9. Im sure the guys would help out, you might try starting a thread on it in ''General Reloading'' subforum.

  10. 45-70 Handies

    I know several folks that have 45-70 Handi rifles.I have a Ultra model in Stainless Steel with a 24" barrel, a regular Handi with the 22" barrel and a 32"barrel chambered in 45-120. The 45-70 is very versatile in as it can be loaded from mild to downright brutal .There is a lot of loading data available from all the bullet and powder manufactures for cast & jacketed bullets . there is also a lot of data for Black powder loads.
    Personally I use a 405 grain cast bullet with 32 grains of IMR4198. It is a mild load and works very well and accurate in the 45-70's.
    The 45-120 is a new project and is still under development. I will post more on it when i get it all worked up.
    Happy Trails and Straight Shooting
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    Bought my H&R 45-70 buffalo classic about 5 yrs ago and was told by the dealer that they don't make them anymore.We can hunt the primitive hunt here in Louisiana with this rifle.Factory loads are a little harsh on my shoulder but my reloads are milder.Great shooting rifle.Put a scope on it.Didn't like the peep sights.
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