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"Bug out" Bag

Discussion in 'Survival Discussions' started by ChaseT, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. ChaseT

    ChaseT G&G Newbie

    Bug out bag... what's in yours?

  2. larmus

    larmus G&G Enthusiast

    which one?

    I have several set ups all centered around one unit, my first line gear. mil belt w/ IFAK, 2 - 1 quart canteens (one with canteen cup), three day food stuff, ammo for primary and secondary weapons, general survival items (fire, water purification, shelter items)

    this is just a basic run down, the rest of the set up depends on what i plan on doing. if i bug in then im going to have to do 24hr security/patrol in my neighborhood. might even eventualy have to get into 72hr recon/patrol for supplies. if i bug out, then expand the belt to a bag, hence, more food, better shelter, better cooking, better water purification ability. if it gets so bad that i wont be coming back to my home then i gather everything, all setups, and that becomes my I.N.C.H. bag.

    my main things for my bags and set ups are:
    and the knowledge to impliment them.
  3. trigger

    trigger G&G Evangelist

    A can of worms. Which you have just opened.. lol be ready for what is coming........ You'll see...... lol
  4. sandblaster87

    sandblaster87 G&G Newbie

    playboy, chew, whiskey, chips, confederate flag bandana, grandads ol .22 & ammo, spam, duck tap, hack saw, first aid, tp, cut off shorts for summer, pants & jacket, tarp, blanket, rope, water, lighter fluid, lighters, matchs, knives, water other foods & other stuff i cant remember....yeah dont judge my bob :)
  5. arvetus

    arvetus G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    condoms. for repopulating the earth of course...
  6. Dragunov

    Dragunov G&G Evangelist

    Four people, five bags.

    Individual bags:
    Knives, 1 hunting knife, 1 pocket knife.
    Ammo for individual persons
    Clean BDU's/socks.
    Firesteel/tender bundle/petroleum jelly soaked cotton balls.
    Bic lighter.
    Waterproof matches.
    Food for three days.
    Steel mess kit cup.
    P51 can opener.
    Emergency mylar blanket.
    100 ft/paracord.
    Survival fishing kit.

    Family BOB: (Larger bag that weighs around 100lbs).

    More food. four people, 10 days (If rationed).
    First aid kit (Military grade).
    100rnds of 7.62X39 on strippers).
    Hexane tabs and at least five different ways to make fire.
    Four man tent.
    More paracord.
    Five mylar emergency blankets and body tubes (Large, good quality).
    Mess kit.
    Water purification tabs.
    Gun cleaning kit, Knife sharpener.
    "Female supplies" for three women/two months.
    P51 can openers.
    Two, 35 mile range 2 way radios/extra batteries.
    One Eton crank radio with weather.
    Four rolls/toilet paper.

    This is just off the top of my head. There is alot more in the "family" BOB.
  7. ChaseT

    ChaseT G&G Newbie

    ...condoms for repopulating...
  8. larmus

    larmus G&G Enthusiast

  9. RedneckCatholic

    RedneckCatholic G&G Evangelist

  10. Deersniper

    Deersniper G&G Newbie

    A 2000- 2500 cu in bag would be good. I just got a Fox Tactical duty pack, around [2200 cu in], it's full.
    The Camel Back BFM is a good one. [2500 cu in] . Condor makes a nice 3 day pack [3100 cu in] model.
    Look for 600-1000 denier nylon bags with lots of organizer pockets & covered zippers.
  11. SeasonalEclipse

    SeasonalEclipse G&G Newbie

    Lets hope their not spermicidal condoms then.
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