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Discussion in 'Mausers' started by matt760, May 17, 2008.

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    about how much should i plan to invest in a mauser sporter project? i dont want any thing super fancy. i plan to rebarrel, install a better trigger, restock and change the safety. i;m going to try to it all my self. it will be my first project gun. am i getting to deep or is the mauser action pretty easy to work with? money is the biggest thing holding me back right now...well and time. im supposed to start a new job here soon though so i should have a little more money. but im also going to try to go to school.

    about how much money and time should i plan to spend on this?
  2. Matt I just posted at your other thread. Please read it.

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    to build a decent rifle will cost 800-1000, not including the cost of tools. at a minimum, you'll need an action wrench, barrel vise, and chamber reamer, and headspace guages. its much cheaper to buy a nice factory built rifle. there's a little over 800 into this swedish mauser, and over a grand into the k98.

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    I don't agree with lefty-o,barrels are about $100 and a good timneytrigger is $54 the safey is about $20 and you can but a very nice stock for about $125 the cost of haveing the barrel installed on your action is about $100, thats about $400 left to buy the action and do the rest of the work which you can do yourself with a little guidance for your local gunsmith. The scope and mount and rings would be extra even if you bought a factory rifle and you have the priviledge of building it yourself.
    Just my opinion.

    Lefty-o i will build you a custom rifle for a $1000 any day
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    i build them myself. yep, you can screw on a cheap barrel, but what about truing the action, glass bedding, forging or welding on a new bolt handle, a new stock. drilling and tapping for scope mounts. then he wants to do it as a project, so start buying tools. last but not least, you need to buy an action, or rifle to start with, they aint free. i dont need a bubba to work on my guns thanks!
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    I'm not a bubba annd i don't need you to tell me how to build a rifle ive been doing it for about 40 years now.
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    I'm with you sbowers5.....There are a few things that you can have done at a gunsmith if you dont have the equipment. Been doing this stuff for 40+ years only I am one of those Idiots that bought mills, lathes, guages, etc, etc, etc. Not much I dont have except maybe the forge, but I do have a kiln. I do it for fun and not a living. I have never sold any of my guns, but I have given a few away to family.
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    Anybody know if a barrel threaded for a commercial FN action (about $130-$150 depending on caliber) will fit a Yugo 24/47 action ($110) ?
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  10. Best shooting rifle I own could be described as a Bubbaized Mauser.
  11. To me it's not how it looks it's how it shoots. Looks good to me FMJ. If you like it thats what matters.
  12. Started out as a former GnG member sent me a special surprise on a horse trade, a surplus Turk reciever. It layed around on my work bench for 2 years. What do I need with another POS Turk? One day I picked it up and slapped a POS Turk spare bolt in it. To my surprise, it "locked" Whow! I had a 30-06 machine gun barrel laying around. Had gunsmith put it together and drill n tap reciever for scope. After it was all put together from parts, took it to the 100 range. Once I got scope tracking 1" above bullseye, fired second shot. Could not see another hole. Fired again. No new holes. My first thought was, "another FMJ project Piece of 5 hit!!!" A forth round and guess what? It cliped the the other hole! OH MY GOD! Never done that before!
    I call her my KS Turk.
    Even out to 300 yards, 1 1/2" groups with Federal standard 2910fps ammo.

    Reciever: Free
    Trigger guard: $5
    Stock trigger, follower, bolt etc $60
    Gunshow stock $5 (no modifications, ie; no bedding)
    Ebay barrel $60
    install barrel $70
    Drill and Tap $20 (local part time smith)
    Scope mounts $25
    Barska 30mm 6x10 power $50 approx
    Bend bolt myself w/ brownells bolt forge; forge $45
    approx total= $340
    cheap for a tackdriver

    Thanks Jimkin.

    Lefty, what's the recipe on the tactical/varment/target mauser?
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  13. Johnnycat

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    I'm going with Lefty on this one. Sure you can do it cheap, but after you get into the project you realize you want to upgrade. I've done a few of these myself, and I have several actions just waiting for me to decide what we're going to do.

    Minimum on my rifles $500
    Realistic average $800-$1000

    I have one that I'm going to put together in .257 Weatherby that will likely end up being $2000 one I'm finished with it. I'm taking my time on that one!
  14. Steve

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    I stand by what i said the first time, been doing it about 40 years and if you want to up grade you can, but that was not the question, and I answered the question. No disrespect to anyone or their opinion.
  15. This posting is interesting. I'm planning a VZ24 rebuild-parkerize finish, custom muzzle brake, set trigger, safety upgrade(Mod 70 style) and turn down the bolt handle and install new stock. Some of this I can do myself but will be having the gunsmith do all of it but the stock. It will make a good brush rifle at the end of it all. The rifle will cost near $600 but there is also a No4 Enfield being worked on also so together will be approx $800.
  16. I had all but forgotten about using Browning machine gun barrels. They have new in the wrap chrome lined 7.62X51mm(.308 win.) 1919A4 barrels at Numrich for $83.94.
  17. JIMKIM, I thought of using a 1919 barrel and bought one. Ahh! It's chrome lined and too much trouble to fool with. Talk about a BULL Barrel, it's a thick one!

    I like ol' Lefty's mauser.
  18. I think they had regular 30-06 non-chrome barrels on there too.
  19. SwedeSteve

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    Just my opinion- $500 for a bare bones rifle. $800 gets you a nice one. $1000 gets you one to brag about.
  20. Steve

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    That about says it all swede, from a good usable shooter to a really nice rifle.