Bulgarian Heavy Ball

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by MarylandGunner, May 24, 2008.

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    Welcome to G&G ! I think that's a good deal, 16 cents each. But I don't buy much milsurp. Someone else will know better. I ve bought several items from AIM, and never had a problem.

  3. I've gone through about 200 rounds of Bulgarian HB. Excellent ammo, although like most MilSurp it's corrosive. The thing that sets it appart is that it is brass cased. Not easily reloadable due to the Berdan primers, but definately recyclable (300 cases brings about $12).

    It has a nice healthy kick (can leave bruises) and about a 3' muzzle flash when used with a carbine.:)

    I have bought several rifles and some ammo from AIM... a very good company. That said, I usually buy ammo from J&G, because they are only about 150 miles up the road, and it is a fun place to spend a few hours.

    There seem to be 2 packing versions: AIM ships a 250rd tin and J&G ships a 300rd tin... the AIM per round cost is about $.006 cheaper, and they are closer to you as well, so lower shipping charges.

    Welcome to the MN board, and the wonderful world of Mosin Nagant's.
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    well i ordered the ammo sunday and here it is wednesday and i havent got any confermation emails or anything i know monday was a holiday and all how long do they usually take to ship?
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    Patience, Grasshopper, patience. It will come. Probably UPS ground via wagon train.
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    I trust AIM. One of the reliables.

    That stuff shoots fine. Comes back a bit more, but really, you have to be paying attention to notice the difference.

    You ordered over a holiday weekend. UPS doesn't deliver on Saturdays, so it might be next Monday before you get it.

    Have fun, be safe.
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    That's still not too bad.
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    Tracking #

    MarylandGunner: Sir; I order 4 cases last week. AIM had ups set me up with tracking #. :) I tracked to here. Said Tuesday; Tuesday it came.

    Call AIM and ask for a Tracking #:) kinda fun trying to figure out where when and how:)
    Follow up when you can. Thanks
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    I have been looking at this ammo too recently.
  11. Don't look too long. It has been available for quite a while, and I know that there has been a lot ordered. At the very least it's about due for another price increase.

    If ya snooze ya loose.

    I just got another tin of 300 from J&G for back-up. Always nice to have 1000 rounds standing by (600 Bulgarian and 400 hand loaded). Just in case.:09:
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    Thanks for the heads up Geo.
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    New York
    That's what I've been shooting. Good stuff, decent price. 300 rounds cost me $51 delivered UPS.

    5/30/08: Just got back from the range, where I put 45 rounds of Bulgarian heavy ball through Boris Badinov (my 1943 Izzy M38) trying to resolve his sighting issue. He shoots better now that I've drifted the front sight toward point of impact. Still needs some fine-tuning because he's hitting high at 12 o' clock, but at least the sights and the point of impact are now in the same universe.

    I had two split cases out of 45 rounds fired. No failure to extract, no failure to fire, no bolt trouble. Louis the Mosin Kahuna thinks bad metal in the case is the culprit, since the cases that split did so at different points in the string.
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    Yep, reckon I'd better stock up for the upcoming economic meltdown and civil war.
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    got home from work today checked my email and had one from ups with tracking number said hasnt been shipped yet and expected delivery is this friday hopefully gets here around then ohio isnt to far away
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    I would advise you to check each round before you fire them. I bought the same kind from a different retailer and the spam cans (I bought two) appeared to be in good shape when they arrived. I opened both of them and noticed that some rounds had cracks, bullets seated too deep, and a few other issues. After I found the first five bad rounds I inspected all of them and probably sorted out 50.
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    Good point. I found a couple of bad cases so far too, but haven't been through all 500 rounds. Looks like the cases weren't formed correctly, had a small crack or "seam" looking flaw on the shoulder.
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  19. It seems that the 250 round tins of Bulgarian HB may not be as consistant as the 300 round tins, as I have read complaints about the AIM 250's in the past.

    I have 3-300 round tins from J&G and the first tin of 300 was darn near perfect. I checked all 300 rounds then decapped and measured 10 random rounds (out of 300) and they all were very consistant in powder load, bullet weight, and ogive length.

    I wonder, why the difference in quality? Date? Factory?
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    I'm with you Geo. I got it in 300 round cans and it's great. Shoots nice and looks nice. I have heard of issues with the other though. My guess would be either another Soviet Bloc or at least another factory.