Bulk 9mm Ammo

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tyudi5bs, Mar 20, 2002.

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    Anyone know of any sites where you can order some cheap target ammo? Cabellas actually is one of the lowest I've found, 1200 rounds for 129.99
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    Aim Surplus may have what you are looking for. 1-888-748-5252, ask for Linda.


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    I usually purchase my range ammo at walmart. I use either winchester or remington 9 mm 115 gr fmj and I can get a 100 rnd case for about $11. That is far cheaper than purchasing over the internet. Cause after you purchase your ammo online, then you have to pay for shipping with is usually 10 to 20 dollars extra. As far as wolf ammo goes. wolf ammo is best used in russian guns. they have a steel casing coated with lacquer. If you don't shoot very much, and keep your weapon extremely clean, then it isn't a big deal. But this is what happens if you don't and you shoot a lot. Your weapon will get dirty as with any other time you shoot, but if small pieces of debris get caught in the breech, then when you fire a raound off, the debris will get caught between the breech and the steel casing. This can warp and damage a barrel if you continue to do this. If you rapid fire with wolf ammo, the breech will get so hot that the lacquer will melt off of the casing and onto the breech of the barrel. prolonged use will lead to loading and extraction problems and in severe cases I've heard that a barrel change was the only cure.