Bulk AMMO Suplier(s)?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Jul 21, 2002.

  1. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    I guess I read to many end of the world is near web sites so I decided to start stocking up on ammo...plan is to stock up on 9mm (4 firearms use it in my home) 7.62x29 and 308 first.....then the weird stuff. The 308 and AK stuff seems fairly common and cheep but Handgun ammo..especial 1980 surpluss seems kinda high compared to Blazer at the Gun store and Winchester at Wally world... Who do you all recomend (Yes I looked at TAPCO).

  2. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    My plan is a thousand rounds,(at least),for all guns. I buy in quantity when it's cheap enough,and about every paycheck I stop and buy and couple of boxes,it's adding up. Remember to also get some of the wierd stuff for trading.
  3. Armorer

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    Already there bro!

    I used gun shows.

    Cheap, no tax, shipping or TIPS.
  4. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    Georgia Arms is another good place to deal with. They have a website,but I don't have right now. Good people.
  5. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    I keep spending the $$ on new toys...went to check my ammo supply and it was like Rosie O came to the house and thought my bulletts were twinkies....the cobard was bare except some the rounds in the mags, cylenders, tubes....got a lot of 8mm and 7.62x54r. Guess I could use them as clubs.... Im not sure Ill do the 1000 round per gun (I got some goffe ones like 38SW and 7.62 Nagant) ... Im gona focas on the 9mm 7.62x39 and 308....figeur 3k of the first 2 and 1k of the other...then go from there.
  6. rustyb

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    You might check out Midway. I usually reload all of mine but got a L1a1 and it throws the emptys way out there. Got 320 308's for 62.00 deleivered
  7. Lenny2

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    J & G

    I just received an order from J & G of 1000 rounds of .45
    The person I ordered it fomr was great. They shipped it same day. I'm a loyal customer now.