Bullets changing color

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  1. Why are my self defense rounds in my mags changing color? They look tarnished. They are almost brand new Gold Dots.
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    They all do that. Its perfectly normal and fine. I have Speer Gold Dots in my carry gun too, the shiny brass will turn a darker "tarnished brown" over time with exposure to air/skin oil, etc. Pretty much all brands will do it.

    Nothing to worry about they still will function just fine. Just as long as there is no corrosion where your brass turns blue/green if its really exposed to water, moisture etc.

    Even the duty ammo in my work guns, the top couple of rounds will turn a darker brown color etc over time. Its fine.

    Regardless of anything I said above I still make it a habit to cycle out my carry ammo twice a year but its not totally necessary. As I shoot my carry guns fairly frequently I don't like constantly re chambering the same couple rounds at the top of the mag during admin reloads when I reload with the good stuff.

    At least cycle your carry ammo out once a year at a minimum though.

    On a side note its good to shoot a couple boxes of carry defensive ammo through your guns. One to see if it will work and be reliable in your gun and two so you can see where the point of impact is. As in many guns, your +p defensive hollow point ammo may have a different zero than the lighter practice ball ammo you shoot out at the range. Its important to know the difference.
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  3. Thanks for the info Tac!
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    maybe its just me, but i notice it the most on my double taps, definitely the most on hp's compared to good ol ball ammo

    Kinda embarrassing though if your friends see em though
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    That's funny. I just noticed the same thing today. I switch out my Glazer safety slugs with one of my 2 hollow point speedloaders whenever I leave the house. And my h.p.s aren't trnished bad because I don't always use the same one, but my safety slugs are all old and beat up looking. I just bought another speedloader today and a new box of hornady hollowpoints and my kid saw the NEW bullets and even the slightly handled silvertips I usually carry and said "Dad thos blue tip ones look all old and ghetto, how come the new ones are so shiny and the other ones look all jacked up" I just laughed. I never thought much about the tarnish of my bullets. Now he gave me a complex. I feel like getting out the brasso and cleaning them. LOL. But yeah man. The more you handle them the "Dirtier" they look. But they still kill stuff.
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    See. The blue tips look like I found them in a garbage can and even the 2 on the right are dull and I got them the same day. The new ones on the left are all shiny though.

    (Jesus I'm bored. I'm not only commenting and looking at my tarnished rounds but I'm taking pictures and posting them for you guys. I need to get a life!)
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    You could probably clean them up and then hit them with a clear lacquer spray if you really need bling in your cylinder.

    How do those blue dots work compared to the old safety slugs?
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    If I start polishing my bullets and I TALK about it with you guys you ALL have my permission to rag on me relentlessley as a Ft. Benning Drill Sgt.

    And honestly man, I don't KNOW how they work. I gotta find 6 more before I shoot them. The guy who sold me the gun gave em to me, and none of the shops have them. And at 4$ a bullet I'm kinda saving them for "that special someone in my life" but I don't want to waste them on paper. Ill get a jug of water, pumpkin, watermelon, hell a coyote if I can find one. But the hollow pionts I HAVE shot. And they are 240 gr just like my plinking rounds. They don't kick much worse, but they have a BUTTLOAD more muzzle flash. I shot a 4x4 hunk of wood with both the plinkers and the h.p.s and the exit hole on the board was nearly edge to edge with the h.p.s and simply about 1 1/2" with the soft nose plinkers.

    I didn't take pix cuz I left my phone in my pickup. But its 2x the exit wound size and believe me, the rounds (regardless of which) blew completely thru the hunk of wood... hope THAT helps?
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    Yeah, it helps. I have some of the old safety slugs. I never tried them for basically the same reason. I figure if I need to shoot someone, they're going to be close enough that POA differences won't matter much.
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    Yeah they're not cheap, plus they're 135 gr vs 240 gr so they're NOT gonna handle the same way. So aside from blowing a giant hole thru somethin for giggles, they're really just for 2 legged snakes with boundary issues. I read all the data on the website and saw the ballistic results. That's enough for me. I just don't want to blow holes thru my house and endanger neighbors or god-forbid my kids.
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    Hey I found this video about the Glaser Blue Safety Slugs. I thought you might dig this...


    It has info and demonstrations on a bunch of calibers. Enjoy!
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    I'm just quoting what I read on a couple of sites looking for this video. But I read that they move like 50% faster than a normal slug and the energy deposit absolutly brutal. It seems that they remove and destroy flesh by the pounds, and the permanent cavity is like 3x that of some of the top rated hollowpoints.

    The drawback it seems (from what I read ) is that the design doesn't offer much for long distant shots. I would THINK that a faster moving lighter projectile would be BETTER but that's not the case but the awesome thing is that they DON'T ricochet. That's good here in New Mexico due to the rocky terrain and the rattlesnakes that live there.

    Anyhow. Hope you dug the video...
  13. DaTeacha

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    All I see is the dreaded red X. The whole point of the Glasers is that they are a short range, home defense, keep the lead and the noise in the same room as the shooter kind of round. Big caliber lightweight bullets will typically shed velocity rapidly. It's nothing against the Blue Dots, just physics. Less mass, same frontal area, shorter length, poor aerodynamics, lousy Cd, and the thing is going to slow down in a hurry.
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    Actually after shooting .44 specials at the range and how nice and controlled the shooting is with them, and my wifes ability to shoot them well, I switched to 200 gr hollow points for the house. All the ballistic characteristics of a .45 acp, and I can swap up to a .240 gr hollowpoint anytime I need (Or want) more. I don't know how the blue tips perform, and for $4.00 a round, I really don't want to learn.

    I have some of those blue plastic tipped shotshells too. I can't think of anything I would use those for, but the fella that sold me the gun gave me 6 of those too. They seem kind of silly to me, but so does a .25 auto. So who's to say what works for what. I want to find a pumpkin or watermelon to shoot those with.
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    For the first time i actualy got a site by clicking on the red X :11: :dunno:! Yea i would like to have 1 box for home defense, living here in town.
  16. From sweat and moisture. Just the elements changing them.