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  1. found this on some random site but i thought it was right on the money!!.

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  2. I love original bumper stickers and that is a good one.

    If I could figure out a way for anyone to read it, I'd like to put mine on the front bumper saying, "I'm not asking you to go faster. I'm just asking you to get off my front bumper".

  3. psycho dad

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    the bumper sticker is right on. i notice fewer and fewer flags being flown now, evidently the fad has faded out. but that may be a good thing. people have been doing things like flying the flag after dark, with no illumination. some flags are in a disgracefull condition and should not be flown. i have also seen some flags on vehicles that are in worse condition than rags. i think i am going to start putting fliers in peoples mail box about how a flag should be flown. the part that gets me is i learned all of this in grade school. as captain of the safety patrol it was my duty to see the flag was flown and taken down everyday at school.
  4. Heck that's probably unconstitutional now!, seeing as how kids can't recite the pledge.

  5. Oxford

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    Flying the flag on the back window of a car...

    psycho dad: You're right in that lots of people are getting too casual about their flag flying.

    The violation that bothers me the most is incorrectly flying the flag on the back window of a car. It's supposed to be in the upper lefthand corner of the back. I've seen them everywhere on the back.

  6. I saw a car with a full size flag on it. It looked like the guy draped it over the top of his car and then shut the front doors on the corners of the flag to hold it in place. I hope it beat the heck out of his paint job as it flapped against the top of the car.
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    Got stuck watching WWE Summer Slam last night. They got a group of canucks that call themselves the unamericans. Their act is to walk out of the dressing room to the ring waving the american flag upside down and making a bunch of derogatory statements about soft americans. That show was outta New York, and I got think that these fools better watch it or some VFW is gonna pop a new hole in their foreheads for them. It's all exciting for them to go out there and play like they hate America, but I think that they need to mind their P's and Q's in the big apple, or they're gonna end up going back home in body bags.

    It's all just an act, but they gotta make contact with the crowd once in a while. It wouldn't take much, like someone spitting on them and they in turn retaliate somehow, for the crowd to turn on them and they'd be in a real fight for their hides then. Most of those wrestlers really are bad *****, but you're not gonna win with a hundred fists coming at you.
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    We'll put a boot up you a#$ that's the American way! I hate the bandwagon patriots. I've had a flag sticker on my truck since about 1999 (I think that's when I got it). It's faded and worn, separates me from the trend patriots!
  9. Eric

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    I need a case of them stickers. I got people that need them.
  10. NRAJOE

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    How true, was thinking about this just yesterday. I noticed less flags, less patriotism. Gonna take another disaster to get these closet patriots out again, what a shame.
  11. Calvin

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    I've had flags on every vehicle I've ever owned. The last CJ I had, I had the American flag painted on both rear quarters. I'm gonna do the same thing to the CJ I'm currently working on.
    NRAJoe, I hope it doesn't take another disaster, but you're probably correct. :(