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    I sent many a snowshoe hare to bunny heaven when i was a kid. I had like an hour of daylight in the winter to hunt after i got home from school. :D
    used my dads Remington speedmaster, but mostly loved my 20 gauge single shot, it was a winchester too.
    Once in awhile I would get a grouse, pheasant, squirrel, even a porcupine. It was open season on those prickly critters year round, they tore up all of our tamerack trees, eat the bark from top to bottom. Bad part was throwing them up in a tree so as the local dogs wouldn't get at 'em. But that's another story
    I remember one year a neighbor that lived in the old school house about 2 miles down the road had a Basset hound that would always follow me - He turnedout to be the best rabbit dog I ever hunted with. He was so slow the rabbits would stop and look around for him to catch up a bit, when they did Blam. They were in the bag! He wasn't much for fetching our dairy cows, and I believe he met his fate in front of a truck, what a hunter though.
    Anyone got a good bunny story send it down the pipe, I Love stories.
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    no really good stories, but i do love to hunt the rabbits! I typically use my old Rem model 31 16ga. for nostalgic sake. Kind of like the tasty critters too.
    GO USAF (took the lib to peek at your prof.)

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    No good rabbit stories but I usually hunt with a 12 ga remington pump with low brass shells! I do pretty good with 'em! My grandson is 12 he never went rabbit hunting before but he has gotten fox squirrel with a 20 ga double bbl shotgun low brass for close shots and high brass shells for far shots! He uses #5 shot sometimes #6 shot! He's hoping to go with me turkey hunting next year with his 20 ga shotgun! I got him a browning bow and i might take him deer hunting next year!

    Safe Huntin
    MR. Don
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    i love to hear them replies

    Thanks guys for the replies. it has been awhile since last post. i am an oldy from this forum and the new administrators still egt time for me to get used to. but it is their site . thanks again for the replies, i miss the small game hunting and teach those younguns' when yur dead it's all they will have to remember you by!