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    :eek: If a store forbids concealed carry by licensed or permitted citizens or civilians...Shouldn't they be seen legally to have assumed the responsability for your safety ? I think so...any thoughts ?:rolleyes: :fuss: :nod:
  2. I agree--but ain't gonna happen.

  3. In Arizona there are only a few places that prohibit one by LAW to not carry concealled.

    If a store forbids it on policy I still carry concealled. Bolt them!

    The most the store could do is request you not come back. In that case I would be happy to oblige.

    And, if you're carrying concealled how is the store to know if the weapon is never drawn or revealled?
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    A few weeks ago I was taken to ER, the nurse asked me to take my shirt off,I informed her that I had a gun on,she kinda freaked and called Security. They came in,I showed them my CCW permit,and handed the pistol to The security lady. She took it and locked it up for me and came back with a receipt. When I got cut loose I went to the security desk and they gave it back,no big deal. I was immpressed with their coolness.

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    I am planning to become deputized as a volunteer sherrif, If I ever get time. This should bypass all the carry laws for me.
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    Actually you could win a lawsuit if you are prevented from protecting yourself -- check packing.org this has come up many times
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    There is a legal principle, don't remember what it is called, that the state or local government can be held accountable for your safety if it puts you at risk. This normally refers to police informants, but it seems to me that it could also apply if a state or local government infringes on your right to keep, and especially, BEAR arms.
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    Yes I would hold them responsible, they denied me my right to defend myself. Its a moot question though because I would not even be in that store in the first place if they had that policy!