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  1. Have any of you been watching what is going on in Burma. They seem to be stalling aide to their own people. Now not only are they having to deal with the lose of life from the cyclones they will soon be facing cholera. It looks like they are doing this on purpose. Do any of you know why they would do this? Do they have anything to gain from this? Would the people in charge be making it worse so they could get more aid(money)?
  2. You mean from that cyclone or whatever it was Jim? If so, yes they have been. Hell, AID workers and food were ready to go the next day or 2 after and they wouldn't let them come in. About 20K died, if not more, from not getting this AID,food and medicine.

    Maybe it was their way of population control? I mean the monk went hungry because they gave what food they had to the children that they found and the elderly. I heard some monks went a week or so without proper food because they gave it away. UNREAL!

  3. GM I think they are figuring on cashing in on world sympathy. This kind of thing makes me sick. There was a time when the thought of cholera caused panic. By stalling the aid they have ensured an epidemic.
  4. And of course we come to the rescue. I mean don;t get me wrong. I really don't have a problem with it other then the fact our own people need aid,housing,health care and not to mention our Government is already in debt to Chine, United Arab Emirates and who the hell ever else. I mean helping people is the right thing to do. What bothers me is even thougfh with all the stuff I just mentioned, people around the world will still hate us and want us dead and say there was some ulterior motive or some crap you know.

    As for the epidemics, you can count on something coming from these people having to live in deplorable conditions for longer then needed all because their Government is so distrusting.
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    The militay government over there doesn't want aid wokers snooping around, and influencing the people into questioning their authority. They are especially suspicious of American help, and don't want us throwing a monkey wrench into their little setup.
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    I hate to say it, but I think "we" are still considered the "Ugly American" in most locales. We're always sticking our noses into other folks' business, and telling them how to make life better, and stirring up more trouble than necessary, trying to morph them into our perfect image. And folks, I ain't talkin' about the military, I'm talkin' about all them private dogooders!
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    Food is a weapon.

    So is witholding aid.

    The military junta in charge down there is actually going ahead with a referendum to change their constitution to give said junta more power.

    This is while millions need immediate support. BURMA: Junta Gives Referendum Priority Over Cyclone Relief

    That's why they don't want anyone coming in. This is their chance to totally consolidate their power while the people are in no condition to stop them.

    FTA: "'To approve the state constitution is a national duty of the entire people, let us all cast a ‘Yes’ vote in the national interest,' state-run newspapers continue to urge all Burmese."

    It's not just us they're keeping out, either: "Paul Risley, spokesman for the United Nations' World Food Programme (WFP) in Bangkok, said Thursday that the junta was yet to give clearance for relief flights to land in Burma. Acording to Risley, flights were still waiting to take off from Dubai, Dhaka and Thailand with high-energy biscuits."

    They're not even letting incoming air traffic come from Thailand and Dubai? They're really serious about this clampdown.

    Basically, no matter how the vote actually goes, expect the referendum to pass.

    Honestly, I'm floored. This is like watching comic-book supervillainy in the real world.

    - Coeloptera
  8. They did the same thing in Somalia. In Somalia hundreds were starving to death every day. But the ruling Warlords had warehouse after warehouse filled with supplies. Some rotting away. If you hold or in this case withhold the food you have the power. In Burma some food is being given away with the General of that region's name on the boxes. In other words vote for him or no more food.
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    It is a means of infusing fear into the citizens. They want power over the population. Holding the fate of the people in their hands is a way of flexing their arm.

    There are rumors of the Burmies Govt. stealing food and other materials sent for aid and hoarding it. Some sick puppies over there.

    OH - This is also a country that does not allow everyday citizens to own firearms. Only the government and their following militant groups are able to.
  10. I've heard on t.v. aid is beginning to flow into Burma now. It's unbeleivable were past the year 2000 and we have countrys on this planet like this.
  11. Truth is that government couldn't care less about their own people, they just proved that. They'll use all the food and meds we give them for the military only, the rest will end up being sold by the Generals to someplace like North Korea.
    Once again ,America is the first with the most to help and the first to get ripped off.
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    And to think, McCain just hired a guy for his campaign that worked for this Burmese government. What is he thinking?