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Ive been wanting to get into some more primitive camping lately and put together a bit of kit with mostly what i have already along with a few new items as well.

possibly sometime soon ill find a chance to test it out with a brief overnighter away from the rig and typical camp site. drive up a mountain road, park the truck somewhere and then walk into the mountain side a ways to find a nice plan to set up camp for the night, bushcraft style.

I have been wanting a nice wool blanket lately so my wife got me one for my birthday! its pretty large and thick but should be nice and comfy as long as its not too cold out.
she also got me a backpacking style tarp, which is also a fairly generous size.

Im thinking of doing something like this type of shelter with a fire in front of it:
View attachment 175172

though there are a few others on this site i may try out as well:

Goal is for the kit to just have the basics, wood cutting tools, a small stove, metal pot, fire making materials, tarp, blanket and some food and water.

kind of modern cowboy style, or also something similar to what many early 18 and 19thcentury military soldiers would have done.

here is the current item list:

I realize there are all kinds of things i could add or remove, just trying to keep it simple and vintage, no super modern stuff( except flashlight and compass)

maxpedition pygmy falcon II
stanley pot& metal cup
metal fork and spoon
bed roll:
knife(2) large and small
folding saw
water bottle(2 steel)
cordage 50 ft 550
fire starters (lighter and ferro rod)
wool socks

food stuff
diy 24 hr ration
first aid:
antibioitic ointment
alcohol wipes
wet wipes
hand sanitzer
lip balm
hand lotion

Coffee ought to be higher on the list. Just sayin'

More to come , just getting thoughts together here, im sure there will be changes. any bushcrafters or primitives campers in here have any experience to share?

ive spent a lot of time outdoors but its usually vehicle born/ based as im into off roading, but would like to venture out from that a bit. also im tired of bringing what seems like a ton of gear with me every time i go out, so maybe this will help me trim it down some!
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