bushmaster carbon 15 9mm carbine

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  1. PX'ke

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    a friend of mine is searching for a 9mm carbine, and after some research and some trying out, he was doubting between the hi-point 995ts4x and the bushmaster carbon 15 9mm carbine. but he heard that the hi-point isn't very good. so he asked me to ask you guys if the bushmaster is any good. so I hope you guys know if it is any good. I thank you for your help. Vincent
  2. drtybykr

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    The bushmaster is a far superior weapon in comparison to the hi-point

  3. no kidding, but is it $900 better than the Hi point? alot of people say the Hi point pistols are trouble but lots also say that the carbines are super deals. more important than cost is what hes gonna be using it for, just for fun or huntng zombies?
  4. chesterwin

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    If he has the money, I'd go with the Bushmaster. If he has a bit more I'd look for a Colt. The High Point may be his current ticket and he can upgrade later if he wants. It seems a few members give favorable reports on the High Points. Unfortunately, I've never had the chance to give one a workout.
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    Niether, take a look at the Calico carbine...100 rounds of 9mm trumps BOTH.

    For $700, it's Well worth it.
    Accessories not included, but the quad-rail is :)
    Click on the pic to make it bigger :D

    The light, bipod, Eotech, Green laser, and brass catcher you have to get on your own ;)
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  6. PX'ke

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    he's gonna be using it for fun, maybe hunting but mostely for plinking, and for defence.