Buy local....unless the "locals" are out to do you in!!

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  1. I live out here in Moskowfornia and we have every nut law and regulation ever devised with more on the way but I got a big gripe. There are about 5 outlets for reloading supplies in my area...2 are big "chain" operations (no, not WW) and the others are "local"...We got a Crossroads show this weekend and with admission and parking at the $20 mark and not needing much stuff I figured to check around on some prices.

    Small pistol primers (500 CCI's)...2 of the stores all out...1 has only one thousand of them at $39/M and both of the other 2 are selling primers "by the hundred" at $4.90 per hundred ($49/M)...I checked on the web at 3 of the good suppliers...all had plenty of the 500's and the prices (on sale at a couple of places) were about $28-29/M...yes, hazmat and freight but I'll get to that. I wanted 4 jugs of either HP38 or W231....of the 5 locals, 4 had none and the fifth had 2 jugs at $32.00 per 1# bottle. Again, back to the web......all you want for about $17-18 per 1# jug....

    So 5000 primers at a difference of (49-29) is $100....4 jugs of powder if I could even buy it would have been (32-17) $ that is about $160 on the very small order I wanted....Haz mat was $25 at one place and $20 at the other and freight was about $ figure $160 difference in prices and $45 ship and haz mat saves me $115 by sitting at my "puter" and waiting for the UPS guy in a few days.

    The Moskowfornia gun dealers are counting on the new laws taking effect in February of 11 for a reason to try and scare, jab and screw the ammo and reloading buyers now. I hate to buy on the net but I also hate to get screwed on pricing...I, like most have really stockpiled ammo and are stockpiling reloading supplies right now...the locals can sit and cry about how unfair things are when nobody comes to shop. You just can't do that to us boys!
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  2. Interesting posting. I have encountered similar situations with our local big-box retailer Gander Mountain. In their favor, they do have all the various primers in stock, and prices per 100 are exactly 1/10 the price of a thou, so you do not have to buy far more than you need in order to get a price. Primers there are about $3.50 per 100.

    Some of their other prices are sort of "nuts." To get an eight-pack of paper targets of about 8-1/2 X 11 may well cost you about $5.95. Little plastic boxes that hold 20 reloaded cartridges may cost you as much as $4.95.

    I order quite a lot of stuff from the national shipping retailers like Midway or Midsouth. I do not order primers and powder because the shipping and hazardous fees just price it out of my reach. I can't buy in volume, because I only shoot about 300 or 400 rds a year, and would never be able to use the stuff up.

    There's a small independent shop that has bullets, powder, and primers. Most everything is on the shelves and available. They somewhat beat the prices at GM, so I often pick up an item or two there.

    Some things you can't wait for -- like decapping pins, for instance. If you have broken your last decapping pin, you don't want to wait a week to get more. Just an example. So I will buy some things at the big-box store just for the convenience.

    For paper targets, or plastic ammo boxes and trays, and the like -- I always order. Ditto for reloading die sets and other items.

    Hope my own practices help. As for me, I would rather drag myself over hot coals than pay the bloated, outrageous prices you were quoting in your letter.

    I might mention that I have found a local guy who casts and sizes good quality cast bullets, and sells out of his basement. He's sort of a real SMALL small businessman. I buy a couple of hundred good-quality cast bullets a year from him for my handguns. Last I bought some, you got 480 .44 caliber 240 gr. semi-wadcutters for about $25. And the quality is there. I save big bucks shooting these bullets, and they are very accurate.
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    I lost interest as soon as you said 20 bucks for parking. The last gun show I went to here was 5 bucks admission AND parking. 5 bucks more than that 20 is a hazmat fee.
  4. May have "overstated"...the show was 12 bucks and parking is either 8 or 10 20 bucks for both...don't want to make the money grabbers seem like they are worse than they really are. ...Still only $5 to the haz mat and if it's one of the mail order folks the haz mat is $20 for up to 50# (that's a lot of primers).
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    Capitalism at it's finest. Don't like the prices, don't pay em!
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    i agree with the above. some of these local guys bought at very high prices, months ago. and are trying to bring back the frenzy.i've pretty much switched to wolf primers from wideners powder from powder valley and lead bullits from wideners. i might buy a pound of powder from the local guy if i feel like experimenting with a new load but thats it for me .they were reamin and smiling a while back, so now its my turn.
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    if my local guy cant get a price that lets him pass on an honest price to his costomer ( for reloading components) he doesnt buy it.
    he does what he has to to keep loaded ammo on his shelves.
    i always check into his shop befor i order online.
    it still costs me allitle more for some things, but i like to help out the local guy when i can.
  9. Here is Northern Colorado they even sell reloading gear at Wal-mart, not the biggest selection but reasonable prices.

    Denver has Gander, Sportsman Warehouse and Bass-pro and the shelves are full, and I can usually get everything I need at one stop, plus milatary discount. The local guys up here are still stuck in frenzy mode, maybe some day they will get the hint that the drought is over.

    Man Opos I dont envy you with all those crazy laws. I spent half of my Navy career there in San Dog, but there is no way I would move back.
  10. I lived in Fort Collins (originally from Denver) and then Granby on the Western Slope...a long, long time ago...In Fort Collins I worked in a little store that sold guns and fishing boats, etc...Colorado has always had pretty lenient laws about anything but watch out for what's going on in Denver these's full of liberal Californians that moved there when housing got too expensive here. Doesn't take much to get things rolling and all of a sudden......
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    I'm very fortunate to have a local guy who buys in bulk and passes the same price it's sold on the net. Stock was a big issue months a go , but I think things are a bit better now. I don't blame you for buying smart.
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    Prices on reloading components continue to rise as does HAZMAT costs !! It is almost impossible to replace/reorder anything without the price jump. You cannot order brass, for instance, at the same price you just bought it for last month. We don't raise the price on stuff already in stock when the price goes up, like so many do.

    If a local shop is price gouging then let them know about it !!
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    Something tells me a price gouger will just tell you to go to hell. He knows he has you over a barrel, because he wouldn't be able to price gouge if there was someone else near by that didn't.
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    How is this price-gouging?

    Have some cheese with your whine, ladies.
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    what is your definition of price gouging .22 guy?
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    I support local businesses because it is a benefit to have them around. In this case it doesn't sound like it is! Let 'em rot.
  17. I kind of got this thing rolling and figured I'd comment after reading the thread as it's moved on...I would much rather buy from a local (not big box) merchant any day. I have a Son and a Daughter that are local merchants in their cities and rely on the local trade for their existance....but they, as I'd think almost any local merchant has an obligation to be aware of what the true market is...we live in an age of the internet and pay pal and electronic transfers, etc. I spoke with a wholesaler in San Diego that I've known for years...and no....I never ask him to get me a deal...his business is wholesale to the dealers. Locals selling CCI 500 or Winchester or Federal or Remington small pistol primers in this market are absolutly way over priced at "$4.90 per hundred or $49 per thousand"...he said that if they were following "normal mark up" for the industry in the area that a max of about $33-$35 would be reasonable. If you take a look at G.Broker prices right now you will see the "high dollar boys" are selling these primers for $38-$39 per M (plus freight and haz mat). I understand that primers at the recent gun show were selling for $33-$35. So I definiely consider $49.00 per thousand as price gouging and would feel that if I'm getting the shaft on primers why would I even consider buying any other product there at all.

    This city has several Wally World stores, Big 5 Sporting goods (arms and ammo as well as supplies), Turner's Outdoorsman (arms and ammo and supplies)...both big retailers and discounters...5 ranges that sell ammo (but 2 of them are among the highest priced ammo and were among the high price primer guys)....several "mom and pop" outlets and a couple of little corner gun shops....I love to buy there when I can but 50% higher is just too much to ask the buying public to stand.

    Before Wally World put the 6 item limit on ammo (now lifted) and still had some to sell before the insanity....I was at one store and watched the manager of one of the "gougers" buying up handgun ammo to take back to his store, mark up, and resell....I'm not sure he understands the market. He has lost my business for any item forever..I will not go there for anything...nothing.
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    It sure isn't a gun store, that has insurance, payroll, utilities, etc, etc charging 4 or 5 bucks for 100 primers.

    I'm not saying that people have to buy it, if they don't want. People are certainly free to choose when and where they shop. I just get tired of hearing/reading about "price-gouging".

    Again, if you don't like the price (or the product), don't buy it.
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    well in the intrest of being civil i will just ask that you read the post's and see that before accusing someone of gouging we had to try to buy from them first.most of us bought from them before the last hording frenzy. they were marking up 30 % thats a retail bussiness.I often paid more at the local guy. the point of the thread is there is profit and there is a basic disrespect of your customers at the local guy, not for me, he has insulted me as a customer,now my loyalty go's to widener's and powder valley. I still buy guns from the other guy in town,even though i can get slightly better deals elswhere, oh and he remembers to call me by name when i enter his store, and give me a smile. thats a smart bussinessman.
  20. Sure, and if you dont like the content of the thread dont post in it.

    Sometimes it is good to vent a little frustration about things we cant control. So if it is whining so be it, but is there a such a thing as whining about whiners? An old Saturday night live skit comes to mind :)

    The great thing is we live in a country where we have the freedom to puchase and own guns and ammo. If business folk want to gouge then that is thier option, although it skirts on the edge of unethical business practice. We as customers also have the option to shop elsewhere and let everyone we know that thier business sucks.

    I'm thinking this thread may have to be moved to powder keg.