Buyers Remorse: Firearms purchases come with certain consumer risks.

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  1. Back in 2005, there was a Beretta Silver Pigeon III in 20 ga. on display at a Sportsman warehouse in Boise, ID. I was looking at. The gun retailed for about $5,000 but was priced at $3,000. I asked the guy to take it out of the glass case where the exclusive shotguns were kept.
    To my dismay, there was a chip out of the wood on the checkered pistol grip. I had no intention of buying an exclusive gun anyway but it was fun to handle them. I can't believe a shotgun that price would leave the factory with a chip in the wood like that. The gun also took some muscle to open and close for the price. Some of the most exclusive over/unders (from Europe and England) in the world are advertised as "self-opening" but they are more like new-car price.