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I see at my local gunstore called Gold Coast that they sell Mosin Nagants "Shooter Grade" for about $65 on slae and was wondering what to look for in a Mosin when i start to look for one. I want something safe to shoot but also want to know what to look for on what parts:assult: :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult:

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first, what model mosin-nagant are these?? im assumeing m-44 or m91/30(because there both populer and cheap) if thay are m44's find out what country thay where made in, only russia made the m91/30, but romania,hungary,poland,china(type-53, chinese copy of m44 used in vietnam) and russia itself made m44's, ALL m44's are made well, although I'd stick away from type-53's(unless you find one in VERY nice shape, however most are very beat up from use in vietnam) polish and russian are have the best machineing, hungray and romanian follow. check out the bore, check the stock for cracks, pick one with the most blueing of the bunch, check the action with a go-nogo gauge, dry fire it(trigger pull wont be that great on any mosin, except m91's) try to get the "ick of the litter" I would suggest a russian polish or hungary made m44 over romanian or chinese, at 65$ you cant go wrong!

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I believe Dodge pretty much said it all. The M-44 have a realy nice muzzle blast and fireball due to a short barrel the Longr Mosan have less blast and recoil due to leanght of the barrel and weight. Parts and ammo are abundent and cheep..$65 is a good price especilay retail for a Mosan. If its cleaned up the bore should be dark and the lands and groves clear..all the ones Ive seen have a frosted look to the goves kinda like a little build up...this may or may not clean off...Even some of the most messed up bores shoot prety good. The Mosans are a blast too shoot prety accurate. Of course you got to rember your buying a $65 50+ yar old rifle and if you aint getting match grade for that price.... The bigest problem I have had with the mosans is tht they are addictive as all get out. The shoot so well and are so fun that you find yourself picking up a few more..because there on sale..cheep...jumped in your lap or followed you home from the store...soon you find yourself explaining to your significant other that a M44 Russian is not the same as a M44, Polish, ect...

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Dear Newbie,
I agree with the comments of everyone above but if we are talking about an M44 rifle I would urge you NOT to buy a "shooters grade" M44 locally. Get yourself a copy of Shotgun News. What is "shooters grade" anyway? The guns I have seen a local gun shows in "Shooters Grade" were best suited to be used as fence posts. Just extend the bayonet, drive it nose first into the ground and tack on the chicken-wire. LOL

The price of $65 is a SALE price? Well, thats only about a 30-50% mark-up so maybe for him that IS a sale. LOL

For $75 plus whatever your local gun shop charges for the transfer fee (usually no more than 10%), you can get a NEW-UNISSUED Russian M44!!!

When you can get a brand-new one for just $30 or $40 more....why mess with all the useded-up stuff that fills the tables at gun shows?

Just my opinion because I have never paid more than $125 for any gun I own and ALL of my firearms were bought in unissued/like new condition.

Sorry about my ranting and raving. I am not angry....just amazed by the questions about prices & good deals on such guns and the fact that Shotgun News seems to be read by so few gun enthusiasts. Seriously.....get yourself a copy or better yet...a subscription and discover the REAL prices/values of military surplus guns and ammo. The advertisers in Shotgun News are the actual importers of these guns and you will not find them cheaper anywhere else! Do this and you will never waste your time at another retail gun shop or swap meet looking for deals again.

<bows head in shame>
Im OK now. I just got a little excited.
Excuse my outbursts....please....LOL

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I'm so confused!!
Everyone keeps saying the Polish 44's have better machining than the ROMOS.
Last Friday I looked at several m44 s, and by far the ROMANIANS had the best fit and FINISH!
The difference was so pronounced that I bought 4 of the Romanians, 2-1954 and 2-1955.

Btw, these were like new, except for the shipping dings in the wood, the 54's are around 99 0/0 on the blue, the 55's +/- 95 0/0.
On all 4, the bluing on the mag followers is not even scratched!!
The bores are like mirrors, I have not seen this shine on any bore in the past.

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We have a M91 - $39, and 2 M-44 at $50 apiece at Dunhams - both good guns. M-91 not as much kick as there is more stock to absorb it. M-44 - Here is why I bought it -Russian M-44
Posted By: Dennis <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, 6 December 2001, at 2:27 p.m.
In Response To: Re: Russian M-44 (Chip)
Well Chip there isn't much to tell
Several years ago. I had my first M44, (actually it was a chinese type56 I think) and I went to shoot it out in west Texas. I layed down in some rather Tall dry grass and began to shoot at a gong we had set up about 250yds away. after my first 5 rounds I thought smelled something burning. I continued to shoot that thing and before I knew what had happend I found myself laying in a small grass fire. We put it out quick(thank God) and I went back to shooting again and,
You guessed it ANOTHER FIRE started. so we put it out again. but I burned the sleeves of my shirt.
I had a hard time believing that just the muzzel flash could do that untill I fired that gun in the dark, and saw that the muzzel flash was about 3 feet across. That's a big ball o fire. As I remember I was shooting chinese Mil Surp I can't remember the year Of Mfg
I later took that same gun to a range and almost set the partitions ablaze.
That was an Embarassing incident for me that I got ribbed about for a long time afterwards.
Well now you guys know about it to.
My shooting buddies used to call that rifle "the fire stick'
Which ever you get - get a no-go gauge and check the head space as most of the bolts and receivers numbers do not match.
here is the cheapest place to buy it - mine was 38.00 with shipping from - then I found this place -
Yankee Engineers
P.O. Box 2183
Brockton, MA 02305
[email protected]
The cost per gage is $15.00 plus a $4.00 shipping and handling charge.
Check out these sites - lots to learn about them
cleaning and take down of Mosin – Nagant
scope for M-44
fin and soviet
fin and soviet

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i have to agree with ole "cranky",shotgun news is the best resource of all for anyone who likes military firearms.there are quite a few related websites of my favs. is where do you live,by the way? can possibly tell you some places in your area to look that you may not know about. wholesale guns and ammo has a lot of 91/30's and m-38's in arsenall refinished cond. for a few bucks more and they come w/all accessories.good hunting!
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