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Dear Newbie,
I agree with the comments of everyone above but if we are talking about an M44 rifle I would urge you NOT to buy a "shooters grade" M44 locally. Get yourself a copy of Shotgun News. What is "shooters grade" anyway? The guns I have seen a local gun shows in "Shooters Grade" were best suited to be used as fence posts. Just extend the bayonet, drive it nose first into the ground and tack on the chicken-wire. LOL

The price of $65 is a SALE price? Well, thats only about a 30-50% mark-up so maybe for him that IS a sale. LOL

For $75 plus whatever your local gun shop charges for the transfer fee (usually no more than 10%), you can get a NEW-UNISSUED Russian M44!!!

When you can get a brand-new one for just $30 or $40 more....why mess with all the useded-up stuff that fills the tables at gun shows?

Just my opinion because I have never paid more than $125 for any gun I own and ALL of my firearms were bought in unissued/like new condition.

Sorry about my ranting and raving. I am not angry....just amazed by the questions about prices & good deals on such guns and the fact that Shotgun News seems to be read by so few gun enthusiasts. Seriously.....get yourself a copy or better yet...a subscription and discover the REAL prices/values of military surplus guns and ammo. The advertisers in Shotgun News are the actual importers of these guns and you will not find them cheaper anywhere else! Do this and you will never waste your time at another retail gun shop or swap meet looking for deals again.

<bows head in shame>
Im OK now. I just got a little excited.
Excuse my outbursts....please....LOL
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