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buying a Persian mauser

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I want to buy a Persian Mauser. I found one in new condition with a test target. They want 600.00 for it and by the time I get it in hand I will have 700.00 into it.
Is this a good deal or should I keep looking?
Sandhillbilly from nebraska
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I bought my Persian from Samco Global. Mine is a "special select" and I believe it was $249. They have the unissued ones at $599 with target, but in the fine print it states, "they may have storage marks." The "special select" was considered better than the "very good", and I am not sure how they determined the difference. I was pleased with my rifle, but it does have some slight dings in the stock. The dings are not objectionable to me and they sure don't effect the accuracy. I would call them storage marks.
Thanks Indy:
I will be buying this rifle to shoot not for its collectors value. I own a number of mausers and I shoot and love them all. Don't get me wrong, I collect guns. But I can't love something that I can't shoot.
I think I will buy the special select for 250.00

thanks sandhillbilly
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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