Buying Buckshot in bulk?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by nightmare905, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. nightmare905

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    Is there anywhere online or a physical store where I can buy 00 buckshot shells in bigger boxes of five? Maybe in like a 25 round box like trap loads? I would like to find the cheapest deal too.
  2. TACAV

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    I dont know know about bigger boxes than 5 shells per box but there are tons of retailers online that will sell 00 shot shells to you by the 250 round case. They are still packaged 5 per box but they will come in 50 boxes all packaged neatly in one bigger box.

    Dont know if that helps you at all.

  3. You can get a value pack of slugs, 15 rounds (three boxes in a larger box) but I haven't seen anything like that for buckshot. 5 rounds at a time, or by the case. Only ways I know of. But if you put pen to paper, you don't save much at all by buying by the case. Turns out to be around a penny a round for most! Buuuttttt, some do throw in an ammo can!!
  4. Sober

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    A PENNY A ROUND!!!!!! Where do you get this ammo? Buckshot run a DOLLAR a shell as in 5 bucks for a box of 5....Please let me know where you buy these cases!!!!!
  5. nightmare905

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    I think he has a brain fart and actually meant a dollar around lol
  6. Sober

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    Ya I know I was just bein a smart a$$ lol
  7. It's supposed to read that by buying by the case, you can save around 1 cent per round vs. buying them one box at a time at the local wal mart.
  8. Sober

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    OOOOHHHHHH now I feel stupid lol No joke man thats not even worth it. Darn you would think they would give you discount when you buy a bunch.
  9. stinkybriches

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    i get 10 round boxes at walmart for 8.95 00 buck winchester.
    same deal on slugs.