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    In the next month i'll have saved about $1400 to spend on a garand. I live in ohio and am not to far from cmp, but, I dont have have the requirements to purchase from them. I do have several gunshows that come from month to month and have looked at pricing of the garand when i go. usally from 700 to 1300 dollars.
    I have a friend that has seveal garands and he said that he'd go with me to look. But, he also thinks that i should buy a new from springfield. So, I guess what i'm saying is that im at a lose...I dont know what to do.?!
    I'm extremely new to rifles I have a few handguns and I'm not wanting to buy a crappy rifle....I've been reading and coming here so not totally stupid...anyone got any pointer or suggestions.
    ? thanks
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    Meeting the CMP requirements and going to the North Store would be your best bet. Last time I was there they had some nice Correct Grades that were around $900. With CMP rifles you know what you are getting.
    I would avoid the new commercial offerings from SA.
    What requirements are holding you back?

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    nothing wrong with the new commercial guns, but i would buy an original in good condition.
  4. Hi 1GarandEnfield welcome to G&G.

    First you have to determine do you want a collector or shooter rifle.
    A collector should be kept all original. You can shoot it, but it should not be refinished or changed.
    A shooter is one you change parts on or refinish the wood or reblue or refinish the metal. Or drill and tap for a scope.

    I would say if you want to get a good deal on a military rifle you need to get a borelight or at least a small penlight. Use this to check the bore of the rifle. A lot of old military rifles have shot out or damaged barrels. Some will be pitted, some may be dark, some may be rusted, or the lands are worn down so far that it wont be accurate.

    So first make sure the rifle is unloaded and open the action put the light in the chamber end and look down the barrel to see what it looks like. Check the lands at the end of the barrel and see if they looked nicked or damaged in anyway. Check the rounded part, the crown at the end, and see if that is damaged in any way. Then with your light check the chamber and see if it looks clean. The cleaner the bore and chamber the better the rifle was taken care of. If dirty see how much money you can get off. Or pass on the rifle if anything looks funny to you.

    Check the rifle for counterbore. If you can try to put the correct bullit into the muzzle of the rifle. Some rifles are counter bored. That means the lands at the end of the barrel were damaged in some way. Usually from a lot of cleaning. If the bullit dissapears in the muzzle completely it has been counter bored. If it is tight in the muzzle check how far it goes in. You want it to be tight if possible.

    On the wood check over all condition. Look it over closely. Check all the parts and see if any marks or damage. If you are buying for collectability any refinished wood or reblueing of metal lowers the price. Depending on the rifle $50 to $200 for each. More if the rifle is very collectable.
    The original rifles will increase in value a lot more than a refinished one.

    Different options increase value as well. Some rifles have sights or monopods or different manufacturers or stocks that will increase value and price.

    Thats the general overview of buying a military rifle.
    There are specifics for every rifle. Maybe someone here can tell you some for the Garand.
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    hello, and thanks for the info so far. As far as the requirments for cmp I dont think i'd have any problems meeting any of them. I dont have a criminal record. just seems like alot of stuff to go thru to get the rifle I want. but, i guess no pain no
    I guess i'm looking for the best military rifle i can get. I dont want to have to rebuild it after i get and stuff like thats fine. just dont want to have to replace a barrel or and thing major.
  6. Sign up for OGCA. You can do that in person or online. Get a copy of your birth certificate or passport. Drop Stock Doc a PM. See if he will meet you.

    I would not spend that kind of money on a commercial Garand. You could buy a Garand and a carbine for the money you have saved . . . and some ammo too.
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    As far as my knowledge goes I would buy CMP if I was this close to a CMP store and living in the USA :)

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    hello all, just wanted to say thank you for all the input on this subject. I'll be around again to let you know what I decided to do. Right now I'm just collecting more $$$
    thanks Ron
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    If you have all the stuff (or can get it fairly quickly) for CMP, you can get your customer number right there, from what I'm told..

    A membership to the Garand Collectors, passport or birth Cert, and a form showing you've done some sort of shooting (trap shooting score sheet) and you're in!!

    I plan on being in there on the Wed. after next.. I hope something is in the racks.:bigeyes:
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    My understanding is if you have a CCW you have the shooting part done and just need to belong to either ORPA or GCA. Do you ahve a CCW? Rick B
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    you can sign up for the GCA when you get to the CMP store
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    Definitely go with the CMP. It might be a tad more paper work, but for the 1400 bucks you have saved, you can get a nice rifle and a crap load of ammo to shoot in it.
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    Welcome to G&G, my friend.

    I hope the boys here will be able to help you in your quest! :beerchug:
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    I wish I had enough $$$ for a garand, But I suffer from mosinitus so I dont really have alot to spend on a garand right now.
  15. I wish I had enough $$$ for a garand, But I suffer from mosinitus so I dont really have alot to spend on a garand right now.

    I'll tell you what, with the price of things these days, you are a smart shooter to stick with the Mosin. 7.62x54r can be had for $130 for 880 rounds. You try to by 30.06 for that and you will be chasing your tail. There is nothing wrong at all for you to plink all day with cheap Russian ammo. You better get while the gettings good and really stock up on it. I can remember about 2-3 years ago when 8mm was dirt cheap. Try to find that--you can, but at rediculous prices. I remember about 4 years ago I went to Knob Creek and bought a case (1260) rounds of South African .308. I thought I was paying too much @ $225 a case. If I could turn back time, I would have bought 10. That same case is now over $550. It's crazy.
    Surplus 30.06 can be a chunk out of your wallet, but if you buy enough of it, shoot moderatley and then fill in the gaps with Russian stuff, you can still have fun without a major hole in your pocket.
    Aint nothing wrong with that old Mosin.
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    GlockMeister- I have bought from CMP many, many times and have never "jumped through hoops" yet. Not sure what you mean ? Its very simple to "qualify" to purchase from CMP . Its the best deal going for firearms and ammo
  17. Around here a new Springfield "loaded" goes for $1100 to 1200 same as an M1a you'll have a new gun wit NM sights, barrel and trigger, for 2-3 hundred buck less you'll have a piece of history. the only thing you are gauranteed to have is a gun with all the parts made at the same time the gun was made. It may have a new barrel or an old barrel. I believe that the guns CMP has right now have been brought back from Denmark, most of the one I have seen from there all had VAR like new barrels. If you are close to the North Store then go there. My M1 was a Police Tradein at my local toy store so I got a good barrel but someone bubba'd the trigger it doubled on every shot. It was made in41-42 and rebarreled in 64 . Needless to say the trigger group has been overhauled, a new/used birch stock from CMP, new springs and you can see in my album " My pride and Joy" what I have. I bought a Springfield M1a "loaded" instead of someone elses put together gun. The only reason I went for the Springfiel was financial at the time. The less you pay for the gun the more ammo you can buy.
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    The Denmark returrns are long gone and have been for a year or two.. The rifles now are returned from Greece and are still USGI rifles, just loaned to Greece and returned.
    To bad I really liked the Danish Garands with VAR barrels
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    Going to the local gunshow this weekend..going to take the money I have at the moment..and see whats out there. not saying I'm going to buy anything or even if therell be . I'll let you all know...later Ron