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C.M.P> 1903 High Number Springfield

Discussion in '1903' started by marne1918, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. marne1918

    marne1918 G&G Newbie

    Well Finally Got that High Number1903 and I just have to say I would not have spent 400.00 on this rifle at a gun show I wouldnt even give 200.00 for it. scant stock, shot out, barrel pitted,mixed 03 and A3 parts the only interesting thing about it is that it was drilled and tapped for Lyman rear peep sight on the back of the receiver. so it probably had a storied past maybee even as a target rifle I checked the serial number in my springfield research book and it was surrounded by international match numbers even though the rifle itself is not listed. well I hope Other people have better luck,it was a gamble after all.mabee My Cstock will be better.
  2. marcus

    marcus G&G Newbie

    That sounds like it should have been a parts gun! I think I would complain to CMP about that one!!!!! $400.00 is way too much for that!!! If that rifle came to me, I would call them and send it back! Good luck with the C-stock.


  3. marne1918

    marne1918 G&G Newbie

    Recieved the CStock High Number Springfield on friday, piece of junk. another pitted barrel,muzzel wear shot out . what is up with the funky colouring on these rifles,the red receivers that crappy black paint, it is black paint by the way not black parkerizing like I was told from C.M.P. the slot heads onthe screws are all shot to hell these two rifle do not at all resemble a rebuild from any U.S. arsenal . I hope I get A better rifle in my auction 1903,the cmp said in the the description,onthe auction page that my auction rifle will have black Parkerizing.I hope it is Black Parkerizing and not Black Paint but I still Have not received My auction rifle. I hope to God it is better than my other two. I own several minty early 1903s Both by ROCK ISLAND and by SPRINGFIELD the model 1903 in its original pre WW1 configuration is a beautiful thing with oil qwenched case hardend receivers rust blued barrels and water qwenched case color on the cut offs and safeties and the finger grooved stocks made from black walnut no wonder the1903 Springfield has been called the pride of the armory the rifle I received in no way resemble the 1903 Springfield, not even the worst U.S. arsenal rebuilds could do as much injustice to this great rifle.
  4. I ordered a Drill Rifle. I hope mine is as good.
  5. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    yes they do sound over priced. wonder where they cam from???
  6. marne1918

    marne1918 G&G Newbie

    I hear the 03s come from Greece.I know that there was a civil war over there after WW2, and I think these 03s the C.M.P are selling are from there(Greece). I know fore sure that the finish on the two I got where not U.S. military finish and I dont think U.S. military ever stamped the last for digits of the serial number into the butt stock of the rifle it looks like crap. I just hope this does not start a whole bunch more confusion out there on 03s. in any case expect to see awhole lot of these 03s on the gun show circuit .
  7. Dvmmatt

    Dvmmatt G&G Newbie

    I recieved my high number Springfield on Friday. I am very pleased with mine. It has a 7/44 HS Barrel. The stock is sort of rough but looks ok. I have not had time to get it completly cleaned, but so far it has cleaned up real well. Over all, I am pleased with my riffle and consider it money well spent. I have a Remington ordered, it should be here this week sometime.

    Good luck with your orders...
  8. gunut

    gunut G&G Newbie

    From what I have been hearing about this Great offer from the CMP I am glad I saved my money. I have the order form still sitting in front of me all filled out to order a C stocked Rock Island but then decided for almost 500 it would have to be one hell of a nice rebuild for that price and I just dont have that much Faith in CMP or MR O..... gunut
  9. marne1918

    marne1918 G&G Newbie

    From what I have seen of the 03s coming to my freinds thay all have pretty much the same charicteristics. all the ones I have seen have the floor plates on the trigger gard pinned in place. most all have either fresh black parkerizing or thay have black laquer paint , most have the serial number stamped in the but stock and electro penciled in the bolt handel. if I had goten a HS barrel in fresh condition I would have been happy, but the stuff I got I would not have wished on my worst enemy . the barrels on both My 03s where shot out and pitted, and thats not right. all I wanted was nice shooter, oh well Im glad to see there are some happy campers. Ive seen some nice ones so thay are all not bad.but right now moneys tight for alot of people and if thats the case for who ever out there is reading this I would not suggest you buy one until C.M.P. implements some sort of quality controll. because you might get something that isnt worth dog crap.
  10. BenJ

    BenJ G&G Newbie

    Have you contacted anyone at CMP about the condition of these rifles, specifically the barrels? I saw a post on CSP 1903 forum that sounded like an echo of yours. Orest Michaels of CMP immediately responded to the guy posting the horror story and asked that he email him directly. I believe that if you contact someone there, they may exchange those out for you. It's worth a try. Good luck. (And I DON'T mean that sarcastically)
    I have found the people at CMP quite reasonable to work with.
  11. rparrish

    rparrish G&G Newbie

    I received my RockIsland M1903 C stock last week. Serial # 42xxxx. It has a HS barrel stamped 6-44 on it. There is the letter "R" stamped under the bolt handle. The bolt handle has a slight angle to it so it shouldn"t be a low numbered bolt. I am now cleaning it up and refinishing the stock because it was packed with cosmoline! I am so far well pleased with mine. I'm sorry to hear that others have not been so lucky.
  12. BenJ

    BenJ G&G Newbie

    rparrish, that sounds very much like the one I received. I also got a 400K serial no. RIA with a 44 HS barrel. It has several "R" marked replacement parts on it, in it, etc. Shoots like you wouldn't believe, I think the barrel is brand new. It is a good possibility that a gun like this was used early in the war and when the M1 was issued, these 03's were brought back in and reworked, in case they would be needed to be issued again. Let us know how it shoots after you get it all cleaned up and ready for the range. Congratulations, it really sounds like you got a good one.
  13. Dvmmatt

    Dvmmatt G&G Newbie

    I just recieved the Remington 03 that I ordered from the CMP. It has a 11-41 RA barrel and so far has clean up well. I have not gotten all the cosmoline off it, but it looks good so far. The bore is good and I can't wait to get it cleaned and take it out and see how it shoots.

    This is the second 03 riffle that I have recieved in the last week, I have been happy with both of them. No complaints.
  14. Dvmmatt,

    What serial number is on the rifle. What kind of stock? If you have a matching receiver/barrel/stock, you got a real treasure. I kind of specialize in Rem. 03s (have a non-CMP 11-42) and would like to find out more.
  15. Dvmmatt

    Dvmmatt G&G Newbie


    The serial number is in the 4 million range. It has a straight stock.
    As I am new to the 03's...I'm not sure they match, how would I know if they do? It does have a stamped floor plate, pretty sure that is not original, possibly from an 03A3?
  16. Are you sure about the serial number? With a 11-41 barrel, that usually means a Remington 1903, not 03A3. Does it have a flip-up ladder rear sight, or an M1 carbine-type sight?

    It would be very unusual (and maybe impossible) for an 03A3 to have an 11-41 barrel. Could you have read the barrel date wrong? Maybe 11-43?
  17. riverboatG

    riverboatG G&G Newbie

    I cancelled my 03 order. Too many disappointed folks. I had ordered a high number Springfield with C stock. Seems the Springfields are in the worse shape. Couldn't see paying that price. Also have on the same order a Danish M1- looking forward to that. I think CMP is looking closer through the grease to send better rifles after all the complaints. Hope you guys get a good one!
  18. PAPA G

    PAPA G G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    maybe they will re evaluate the pricing on them!?!?!?
  19. marne1918

    marne1918 G&G Newbie

    I sent My order back to C.M.P and thay said that thay would exchange the two for two other rifles so Im hoping for two nicer ones 03s that is just hope for nice barrels for shooting purposes .
  20. dhaze

    dhaze G&G Newbie

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! I don't think it is unreasonable at the very least to recieve a decent shooting rifle.
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