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    I need some help on getting this circus started. I would like to purchase one. I was at the BATF website, and I couldn't find a form or anything. It said what form number I needed to fill out, but no form. I got tired of clicking links that didn't have any real good info. Or info that I thought wasn't what I needed to get started. So I was hoping for a little help on getting going from those of you that have done it already. Thanks in advance.
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    Iron Colonel: Sir; Go to "atf.gov/firearms/fflc/ffl/faqs_lic.htm" a mouth full.
    This will get you all the Info.

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    The first link will explain in pretty goo detail the process. The second link is where you must order the form. Just fill in section 1 with your information. Then go to the list on the right and scroll till you find F 7CR (5310.16) - Application for License (Collector of Curios and Relics) Under 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44, Firearms -- click in the circle next to it go to the top of page and hit add. The app should show up in the 1st order block in section 2. If so go to section section 3 and either edit or submit. In a few days you will get your apps.

    Hope this helps and good luck I_C. A C&R is great fun. The first site has a good selection of dealers to send your signed COPIES of your license when you get it.

    Curio and Relic Firearms

    Distribution Center Order Form

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    Well that was easy. I wish it would have been that easy when I looked last night. Thanks a bunch for the info. I really appreciate it!! So hopefully things will be set in motion, after the holiday of course, and I will be well on my way to purchasing many more C&R guns!!
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    Took about 9 weeks for mine, but I think most people were getting theirs sooner.
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    Heck, it took 4 MONTHS for mine!
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    "and" I am waiting since March 3rd, 08. Plan to just wait them out:09:
    another week and it'll be 3 months:09:
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    New York
    It took 4 months for mine, too. I think I'd be waiting yet if I hadn't called the district office of my Congressman, explained that I had applied for my C&R, thazt BATFE had cashed my check so I knew the app got to where it was supposed to go. I'd been in touch with the office that services my part of the state, and they had given me a song and dance about a meeting with an Industry Inspector (whatever that is) at my home having to take place before they would finalize the license. (I have long suspected the whole purpose of the BATFE offices in New York is to actively discourage people for applying for the Class 03 C&R license.)

    I pointed out to the staffer I talked to that A) I belonged to a forum that had lots of C&R licensees as members; B) that according to them, the average wait time for a C&R is about 5 weeks all over the country; C) that I had a NY state pistol permit, which requires a background check far more substantial than the one for the C&R; and D) nowhere else in the country had anyone heard about this face-to-face meeting with at BATFE rep to ascertain: 1) that I was real; 2) that my address was a real house at a real address; 3) that I had the ability to safely store firearms; and 4) that I was of good character, all of which I'd been told by the BATFE office had to happen before they would license me. I pointed out that this NYC office's practice was discriminatory against New Yorkers as opposed to the rest of the country. And I asked if there was anything the Congressman could do for me.

    Ten days later my C&R arrived in the mail.
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    You are the only one I have heard of that actually had to have an interview with BATFE.