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  1. Stopped by Big 5 for some cleaning supplies and a Yugo M24/47 followed me home. Very nice condition with an excellent bore.
    The thing was super caked with cosmo, and just like my Yugo SKS the stock is saturated deep in the pores with cosmo(very very dark). I plan to keep the Mauser in its respective glory, but what is the best way to clean the stock without it being considered refinished? I am going to bake it today and just wipe with a rag for now.
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    After baking and sweating out as much cosmo as I could, I scrubbed it down with mineral spirits, then another scrubdown with Murphy's oil.

  3. Thanks GD,

    I baked for about three hours, wiping every 15 minutes. Followed up with mineral spirits and some 0000 on the rough spots. Came out rather nice for the particular grade. Sure is one stout rifle, cant wait till my ammo comes in from SOG.

    DSC02115 by roggom, on Flickr
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    Yea, good way to do it. Mineral spirits is a good plan, it's what I use. Baking also works. Mineral spirits is also good for getting all that cosmo off the metal too. Helps with a toothbrush.
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    I'm the evil guy that uses a dishwasher..

    Collecting and Shooting the Military Surplus Rifle (2006) - Surplusrifle.com

    It makes most people cringe, but I've done over a dozen stocks with EXCELLENT results!! My Winchester carbine actually took two treatments due to shellac and the oil and grime under it.. I'm pretty happy with the results..


    And this Mauser was REALLY bad with cosmo.. I tried steaming it out, using oven cleaner, and cosmoline just kept coming to the surface.. I tossed it in the dishwasher and it came out clean and oil quit surfacing.. I had to stain the handgaurd to get it to match the stock better, and after refinishing it came out just like I hoped..


    I've done Mausers, Garands, Carbines, SKS's and will continue to do so..

    And now comes the flaming.. :D
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    Yea, looks good Paper. That carbine stock, did you do any refinishing to it, or is that as it was when you were done with the dishwasher treatment? Because that really looks nice!
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    I did a complete refinish... Sanding down to 320 and then several coats of BLO.. I typically finish with 2 coats of Tung Oil finish that I dull up with 0000 steel wool.
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    What kind of wood was that to begin with? It sure looks nice!
  10. I use that and some similar methods, that is a good method too but with somethings I watch it a little to make sure nothing is getting damaged such as plastic parts.
    when I get my furniture kits in for my G3 builds they go directly into the dishwasher.
    I also boil parts with either Simple Green or the Purple Stuff in a Stainless "mine" pot that also gets out the cosmo along with a lot of other crud, then it is so hot I take it out with tongs and set it out on a towel it dries right out because of the heat and while it is hot I spray the parts with light oil.
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    It was just the standard USGI walnut. I don't think the stock was stamped when it arrived from CMP. It wasn't so pretty when it arrived, either.


    I picked it off the FG rack at the SS. I think it was on the FG rack because of the shellac on the wood, since the MW on the Winchester barrel was a zero.

    Luckily, hidden under that shellac was a nicely grained stock, and it's been my CMP match rifle ever since.. Sometimes we get lucky..