CA. "only" overestimated emissions by 340%

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    Ca. writes laws, and regulations.
    Suspends the use of 150,000 diesel vehicles.
    Mandated more costly fuels prices, and upgrades.

    All on manufactured data, that is 340% higher, then reality.

    No wonder why California is broke!

    Garbage laws like these CARB rulings.
    End up costing EVERY American more money.
    As the auto, truck, and equipment industry, has to build new vehicles.
    That will meet California emission standards.

    Printable version: Overestimate fueled state's landmark diesel law

    Overestimate fueled state's landmark diesel law
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    To get communism in place requires all kinds of illegal, immoral, and down right unethical acts by a multitude of people who want you to fall for the lie that they are protecting your best interest.

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    This bears repeating!
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    Man why don't they just go ahead and rename the state Commifornia officially. The whole southern part of the state sounds like one big cesspool. Over run by gangs of illegals bankrupt and more laws prohibiting just about anything you can think of from guns to automobiles. These morons run around talking about their hybrids and how great they are when there are already diesel engine available that get better mileage and have maintenance cost that are a fraction of what it cost to maintain a hybrid engine long term. Besides the fact that the average diesel engine can usually go 250K with good maintenance. I would put money on it that none of these hybrid that are on our streets will ever see that kind of mileage. They will all be in the junk yard 10 years from now. Hybrids are a dead end stop gap technology to keep us dependant on gasoline. They should be spening money on developing hydrogen cars that create zero emmisions and is a renewable engery source but why would they want to when they can keep raping us on gasoline?
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    The 2010 Ford focus was supposed to be available in the USA,the clean diesel that is untill the hybrid frenzy caught on and there was more money in it.
    Go ahead google them up and you will get all the info except the milage,50-60 mpg according to a write up in a popular car mag that gave a blow by blow driveing story.
    Great handleing,tire smokeing torque with the 5 speed,the only tranny available and terrific milage even when beating it.
    Thay are now selling in Mexico and the UK by the bunches.
    We may see them after the hy-brid frenzy dies down when the public sees what a pathetic piece o' junk they are and how expensive they will prove to be to operate and keep up,not to mention the dismal performance.
    Oh,well,another rip off in progress.:dead:
  6. California

    was once a great state. Now it is the poster state for not just bad management but rather the lack of any management.

    Perhaps it is not so much a state as it is a collection of single purpose special interest political movements pushing causes ahead of the common good.

    The state has overwhelming debt. The state exports businesses. The state is in fact a safe haven for illegals who require enormous expenditures of medical, welfare, and police funds.

    I am not at all surprised they ban diesel engines based upon no science. It fits in with the overall picture of a forever rolling disaster.