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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by gerry303ca, Sep 4, 2008.

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    I just tried using my new Cabela's XT1500 digital scale for the first time. If I throw on a powder charge, it weighs it correctly (or quite close when checked against my old RCBS scale). If it is less than I want and I use a powder trickler, it won't weigh properly at all. I was trying to weigh 23 gn. I put on a dipper full and it weighed 22.6 gn. I kept trickling until it showed 23 gn then weighed it again on my balance beam scale and I had 26.4 gn. If I then put it back on the digital scale, it weighs correctly. I followed the procedures in the manual (calebration, etc). After I dump the powder it usually doesn't go back to 0.0 again but shows a reading of 2 - 5 gn. I have to turn it off then on again to gey back to zero. Has anyone had experience with these scales?

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    did you calibrate it when you turned it on, and every time you turn it on? i dont know why it would cause that to happen even if you didnt, its just a thought. i would call cabelas if i couldnt find a way to correct the problem.
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    I had the same problem with a digital scale. Went back to my old RCBS beam scale. I bought a set of certified check weights and the digital scale was off different amounts even after calibration. The old RCBS was off .01 grain consistent throught out the range (2.0 - 450 grains). I took the scale to work and had the calibration service do this check - they certify all the lab scales down to .001 gram
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    I have ONE of the same problems with a Cabella's digital scale: it won't respond to trickling on tenths of a grain. I have to pick up the pan and put it down again to get a correct reading. I don't know whether that happens with other digital scales, because I don't have any others to try. Also, I can vary the weight by 0.1 to 0.2 grains by putting the pan off-center on the weight table.

    BUT, my scale always shows zero when I put the empty pan back down on it. So, maybe your scale does have a problem, since it seems to loose zero. (I am assuming that you push the zero button with an empty pan on the scale after letting it warm up for about 3 minutes, before you start loading.)

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