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  2. Whoa dude it's time for Prozac.

  3. GARY D

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    Hey that's exactly what the eyes looked like on the cat I blew up with my 12 ga. COOOL!

    Yeah, yeah I know I'm cruel. :) :D

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Gary D, c'mon over to my house, the wifes got 4 of them nasty varmints!
  5. GARY D

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    Hey urban varmint hunting. WOW what an idea! Well... you're only about 70 miles away and I'm mean and cruel and have no use for those fur balls so... I'm your man :target:

    Actually a teaspoon of farmer Al's potent elixir in a small bowl of milk and.... uh... well let's just say tabby goes stiff almost instantly. :eek: