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This is a fairly common problem when bedding a rifle or changing to a new, after market stock. The trigger group is misalligned with the barrel/receiver group due to interference by the stock. Here's what you do:

Step 1: Perform a "Sear Capture Test" to confirm the suspected problem.

The sear capture test is fairly simple. With the firearm unloaded, charge and close the bolt. Pullthe trigger, dropping the hammer and hold the trigger agaqinst the over-travel stop. With the trigger remaining in that position, open the bolt to full retraction and then release it. With the bolt now closed, release the trigger and then pull it. If the hammer fails to drop, then the sear failed to capture the hammer. Repeat the test a few times to confirm that whatever happened the first time wasn't a fluke.

Step 2. Repair

The usual cause of a sear capture failure is a mis-allignment of the trigger group in the stock, usually the trigger group is cocked/canted to the rear. Careful removal of material from the stock contact area to the rear of the trigger group will re-allign the trigger group sufficiently for the sear to completely capture the hammer, eliminating the problem for good.

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