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Discussion in 'Thompson' started by no-logic, Jan 30, 2013.

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    I have a Gen 1 T/C Contender that I'd like to buy a new barrel for. I won it about 20 years ago at a Pheasants Forever event. It came with the .45LC/.410 barrel which I still have and will keep. Right after I got it I wanted to buy a barrel in a "fun" caliber so I picked up a Super 14" in .357 Maximum. This caliber is dying so I want to sell that barrel and buy something that will be around for a while. I thought a .45-70 would be cool but I hear that the recoil is nasty. I have plenty of .38's and .357 mags around so I don't need anymore of these. Any recommendations for a different caliber?

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    my brother in law had one in .22hornet and loved it . it was scoped and he said the round was cheap to reload and could shoot 1.25 groups at a hundred yards.

  3. The 223 cartridge will be around for a while...

    I had used to have a 30-30 barrel and it was fun.
    Never got to shoot a deer with it but it was fun and cheap to shoot at the time.
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    A 38-55 or 375 Winchester would be a fun gun to have around
  5. BigCaneSwift

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    As always my beloved 220 Swift if you can find a barrel
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    I want something that is not too intimidating so my wife will shoot it. I like the idea of the .223. What kind of recoil does the .30-.30 have?
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    I just sold a 223 super 14 barrel. Kept the 7-30 waters that came with the gun. I have not shot it yet but it has a nice muzzle brake to be nice and loud!
  8. The .223 has brisk recoil from a 10" bbl. A 30-30 from the 10" bbl is not fun to shoot. OTOH, I have a 357 Herrett, 14", that throws 180 grain spitzers out at 2000 fps and groups into 2.5 inches for 10 rounds. I killed a deer with it this year at a range of 160 yards. However, you must reload to shoot that round. Frankly, a really fun bbl is the lowly 22 LR. Another, with minimally more difficult ammo to acquire, is the .30 Carbine.

    Personally, I've been looking for a 7 US, but I'm not willing to pay to have a new bbl made.
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    I wish they made a .22 mag.

    Anyone ever shoot a .204 Ruger? Or is this a dying caliber also?
  10. no-logic

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    I have read that the G2 barrels can be used on the G1 Contender frame. Is this correct?
  11. My 7-30 Waters barrel works quite well for deer, it is the 12 inch with muzzle brake
  12. My question is what do you want to do with it?? We can spout calibers all day long, but in the end knowing what you want to do with it will make for a better answer.
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    Good point!! Thanks for that. I would be using this for general target shooting. I may at some point hunt small game or small varmints. But it would be mainly for fun. I have a Ruger MkII and a Marlin 795 in .22LR so I want something different but not boutique or exotic. I want something that is going to make a little noise but manageable for shooting a lot of rounds and that a small woman can handle. And something that I can buy ammo for just about anywhere. I'm really leaning toward the .22 WMR and that is a caliber that has always intrigued me. But it looks like I would have to have one custom made or try and find a used one. I would not be opposed to having one made as long as it is be around say $300-$350. Any ideas on that?
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    I have an Encore that started out with 50 cal black powder barrel. Then I got the 20 ga with screw in chokes and ventilated rib,(theydidn't make the 12 ga for it at that time). Then I got a 26" 30-06 heavy barrel for it. My next barrel will probably be a 223. Then maybe a 22LR.
    I've left the Encore as a rifle because ............ I don't know why other than I like it that way. But I might try the 14" 45/410 barrel for it eventually.

    As far as G2 barrels fitting on G1 frames from what I understand they are supposed to.

    Dad has Contender barrels in:
    22 Mag
    22 Hornet
    223 Rem
    30 Herrett
    41 Mag
    44 Mag

    I have them in:
    222 Rem
    7-30 Waters
    44 Mag

    Dad has been trying to figure out a way to get my 7-30 Waters barrel away from me, but he hasn't came up with anything yet.
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  17. Palladin8

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    The .204 Ruger is a great cartridge out of a rifle. Not sure that it would work as well from a pistol barrel. It certainly isn't going away anytime soon.
  18. Sav .250

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    If you think the 45/70 has a "nasty" recoil,I`d suggest you get something in the smaller
    class/cal. Say in the 25/06. 223. etc.
  19. billy

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    i just got a 16 inch bull 223 bbl
    recoil is easy peasy
  20. billy

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    i am putting a WITT brake on it.
    everybody whines about how loud guns with brakes are
    i always think to myself
    you DO own hearing protection right?
    if there is a gun in my hand
    i got hearing protection on.