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Discussion in 'CZ' started by PushPuller, Jul 29, 2018.

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    Good morning everybody!

    So I got an additional CZ the other day. I got the SP-01 because I love my 75B so much but didn't want another one just like it. I kind of bought it with the intentions of sending it off to Cajun Gun Works for some fine tuning. Iv heard nothing but great things about CGW but unfortunately have zero access to seeing their work in person let alone fire one.

    Have any of you guys had experience with CGW, and if so what are you opinions?

    I wanted to go all out and get the full Pro Package, barrel bushing, barrel crowned and the trigger polished up, but after firing the pistol for the first time yesterday I don't mind the 5lb SA pull. The reset is awfully long however and I feel like the reach reduction kit will make a huge improvement.
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    I can recommend them.
    They can make your CZ so nice and the trigger pull will be the best you've ever felt.
    They do the same thing the CZ custom shop does but at a better price.
    The gun will make you feel like you are cheating when punching paper.
    I shoot mine better than any other gun I have that's why it's my nightstand home defense weapon of choice.
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    beautiful pistol porn!
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