Calfornia once again...

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Jul 27, 2002.

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    Calf one more time... From FOX NEWS.... Maybe if we line up on theeastern boarder and all push at the same time....the state will go away.

    Government officials in Richmond, Calif., asked the owner of a local Western wear store to remove a display of a captured Usama bin Laden facing the gallows because it could fuel prejudices, reports the Contra Costa Times.

    Critics call racist the display at the Golden Gate Western Wear depicting a Wild West prison cell holding a bearded, turban-clad Arab sitting on straw, facing a hangman's noose.

    Richmond resident Charles Smith said it was a bigoted attack on Arab people intended to incite racial animosity toward a community already resisting waves of intolerance.

    But store owner Bill Knudsen called such talk moronic. "We're showing a patriotic scene of Western judgment against someone who killed thousands of people," he said. "How can it be construed as being against all Arabs?"

    Also on the Calf news front....I dont make this stuff up I swear...look all the words are spelled correctly..

    The city of San Francisco initiated a ``whimsical'' $50,000 public awareness project called ``Healthy Penis 2002.'' As part of the campaign, large bus shelter-sized ads displayed a smiling cartoon penis with syphilitic sores. The motto of the campaign is: ``Making every penis a healthy penis.''

    The city of Los Angeles is spending nearly $400,000 on a similar campaign featuring ``Phil,'' a bumpy, red cartoon syphilis sore who wears silver shoes and an earring. The city plans to distribute some 40,000 sqeezeable Phil the Syphilis Sore toys.
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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Maybe we can do a hands across America type deal and get a bunch of people at the Kalifornia border, then we all jump up and down until it cracks and finally sinks or floats away!

  3. Eric

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    As my Dad says, "What is wrong with that state!"
  4. I must say, the 1st 2 stories didn't come as any surprise to me as they came from San fransico, which for those of you who don't live here, that's were 90% of the Kalifornia bashing ammo comes from, according to those that live up there, they're all oppressed or pissed on in some way, when i reality they're usually a bunch of rich, spoiled, over indulged homo's or minority group, with too much time on their hands.
    Now for the Los Angeles story, for all it's faults, L.A. has to be the more conservative of the 2 cities, (Relativly speaking of course) unless it comes to the mexicans or blacks, then it's a free for all.
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    doglips your personal icon rules,wow, good job, nice, wolfy here boy, arrrgh i think i run now, thats the meanest wolf i have ever seen, very ,very, nice

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    I'm mad because I've had that very same wolf in my computer for 4 months and tryed to use it here. Everytime I tryed to download it, I'd get that "picture is too big" message. I must be doing something wrong.
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    NRA I got the same message..went to some web site... and it let me change the size....Keep pointing to the pic and trying to explain to my dogs that they should look like that..

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    Thanks got that one brother. I've had some good pics that just wouldn't load on here.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Thanks again! :right:
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    too bad that San Andreas Fault is holding up
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    logansdad - The problem the rest of the USA has with the San Andreas Fault, is that it is at the Western edge of the PRK (North of LA), and heads into the Pacific Ocean at the southern edge of the city of San Francisco. LA would go but San Francisco would still be the nemesis.

    In reality, the Pacific Plate is pushing itself under the North American Plate, and there is no way the parts you are hoping would fall into the Pacific Ocean, could fall; in fact, the opposite would happen, it would rise up higher. It might even create some new volcanoes, there are several volcanoes still considered active in the PRK (10,457 ft. Mt. Lassen erupted quite violently in 1914 through 1917 see data at:
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  12. Oxford

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    Gyrene: That's good technical information. Obviously you've done your homework. As a midwesterner I'm looking more often up at the sky (tornados) for problems rather than down at the ground which is moving under another shelf.

    I've got a relative at Los Osos. I believe that's more on the northern coast of PRK.

  13. Gyrene

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    Oxford - Los Osos is nearer to Santa Barbara, if I remember correctly. A generally nice, small population area. Many people are envious of your relative.
  14. BenP

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    Well, a good force nine or so earthquake somewhere near San Fran would definitely help. Seattle's due for one now, too. Maybe geology would change the political/social landscape where conseravtive policies have failed for so long. One can only hope. The sooner, the better. Just hope it's not at a time when me and mine aren't forced to be there for one reason or another.
  15. Big Dog

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    So California is grinding us under physically as well as governmentally? Bummer! In a few million years, the whole country will be California. :mad: