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Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by rohnzzz, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. rohnzzz

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    This is my first post. I have just signed up a few days ago. Anyway, just want to tell you guys that my most favorite handgun is Caliber .45. What about you? What's your favorite handgun?
  2. flyingbrkracing

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    Welcome to the forum!
    I have only been involved with handguns for a short time so I really like my Sig .22,It's very comfortable and easy to shoot so it's easier to get the basics down.
    As for my favorite to gun to shoot just for boom factor it would be my .357.

  3. hack1911

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    38 Super for me. And welcome to the forum.
  4. Pope130

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    Welcome to he Forum!

    I'm a big fan of the .45. I have several, enjoy them and trust them with my life.

    My favorite though is he 10mm Auto. All the way there on power, velocity, bullet weight, sectional density and magazine capacity. Out of a Witness it's reliable, accurate and comforable to shoot.

  5. Welcome

    I have four favorite handgun cartridges. The forty five acp, the three fifty seven/thirty eight special, and the twenty two long rifle.
  6. Midas

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    When it comes to self defense cartridges the .45 ACP is at the top of my list, it just plain works, it doesn't need any wizard's magic, or tribal incantations to be effective. It sends a big heavy chunk of lead down range, and bad guys tend to take notice when hit by it.
  7. waterdog

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  8. 9 millimeter baybee......9 milli.

    Clip clip clip clip clip...ALL DAY LONG

    [ame=]YouTube - MY NEW HEATER[/ame]
  9. M14man

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    My favorite is the .45ACP. I have 11 of them. All are 45's but two. One is a 40 S&W, the other a .22.
    Practice till you are real good.
    What type of pistol is your favorite. The single action type auto like the M1911, or the double action ones which are more recent?
  10. flyingbrkracing

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    That clown is a riot!!!My wife came in wondering what was so funny....
    What an idiot!
  11. big shrek

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    10mm is my current fav :) second fav is .22WMR ;)
    As soon as my PMR-30 arrives, it might end up my first :D
  12. Cyrano

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    New York
    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you.

    My favorites are .45 ACP (Llama Model IX-A and S&W Model 25), 9x18 Makarov (Bulgarian Makarov, CZ-82 and PA-63), .38 Special (S&W Model 10-5) and 7.62x25 Tokarev (Czech CZ-52 and Yugo Tokarev). I simply enjoy whatever I'm shooting today.
  13. 911JB

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    Welcome to the forum rohnzzz. I hope you enjoy your stay.
    I have no 1 favorite handgun for all tasks. However , I do have a favorite for different tasks , in both revolver & semi auto.
    My favorite for Open carry is my Ruger p97dc in 45acp. My favorite for conceal carry is my S&W 669 in 9 mm. My favorite for paper punching and can dancing , in semi auto rimfire, is my Ruger mark I in .22 cal. My favorite for paper punching and can dancing ,in revolver rimfire is my ruger single six. My favorite large cal, semi auto, paper puncher/can dancer is my RIA 1911 in 45acp. My favorite wheelgun in large cal is my ruger GP 100 in 357 mag. And my favorite for the big bang is my J.P.Sauer and sons , 44 mag revolver.

  14. pcman312

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    I second that. The guy is looking to be cool because he owns a gun but clearly has little to no respect for firearm safety rules.
  15. Midas

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    This kid may be the biggest fool I've seen all year.
  16. It's too hard to choose.

    I love the .357 mag out of a 5 1/2" barrel wheel gun, the .40 out of a pistol, .44 out of a cap and ball revolver.

  17. Palladin8

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    My all time favorite handgun caliber is 45 Colt. Then I would have to say 10mm and .45ACP.

    Welcome to Gun and Game
  18. Ten Man

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    What a confused idiot!!!

    Aside from that, my favorite hand gun caliber is .45 ACP. Closely followed by .44 Magnum, .357 Magnum, and 9MM, in that order.
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  19. grizcty

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    Welcome to G&G from Alaska.

    My favorite Cal. is the .45 & .357.
    Even though I am liking the .40 more, each time I shoot them.