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When i was buying my G-27 the hardest part of the decision was wheather to get the .40 the.357sig or a 9mm mini. a little later i found i could change just the barrel and shoot .357sig in my .40 gun. i have been doing this happily for a while now.
the other night someone at the range said if one were to put 9mm ammo in a .40 gun it would go halfway down the barrel and get stuck like a 20ga in a 12 ga shotgun making the next .40 in the chamber a disaster.
i was at home thinking about this and i dropped a 9mm round into my .40 barrel just to see how far it would go, it went right through unimpeded. one myth gone.
then i wanted to see if they even fit in the magazine and they did, not well but they stayed in. ha ha i said(there was no one around) they fit but surely they won't cycle, the slide and the extractor would be too big i said. so i put the .40 magazine full of 9mm into my .40 gun and racked the slide and it chambered! then i turned it muzzle down and it didnt fall out! so o figured it would never cycle. so i racked the slide and it ejected perfectly and the next round went home and so on and so on for a few magazines to the point i thought that if i had a 9mm barrel and a 9mm magazine i would try to shoot those 9mm's out of my g-27 is this possible? is the mini glock a three caliber gun? anyone else do this? is the recoil spring the same? am i contemplating something dangerous?
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