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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by oneshot25, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. oneshot25

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    I'm getting a new rifle and I don't know what caliber to get for hunting in the woods.
  2. jford56

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    For mostly all close shots. 30-30 or .35 in a lever, or a .270 or .308 for a bolt action and you can go most anywhere with it. My fav is a .270 - 150gr

  3. Martin Rage

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  4. bobvonb

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    what is your previous shooting experience? what guns have you shot? what hunting have you done? where will you be hunting exactly?
  5. Not this again...:09:

    I like to use 7.62x54R personally.
  6. texnmidwest

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    Can't go wrong with a lever gun in 30-30 for brush. That is what I use.

    I would just find a rifle I like and that fits you. Really, most of your common calibers will work just fine. I would advise you to not go with calibers lighter than 243. I have killed a bunch of deer with a 22 center fire but I don't recommend it.
  7. Sir Elwood

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    I'm not as experienced with rifles as most of the guys on this board, but I have shot a few nice "deer" rifles.

    My top 3 :yup:

    7mm remington mag.
  8. Midas

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    My personal favorite is the .308, I have used this cartridge for 20 years with nothing but success on deer and hogs, it flat gets the job done without excessive muzzle blast or recoil.
  9. Plumber

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    I have a Marlin 336 Leaver gun in 30-30. If I think I'll be shooting less than 150 yards, that's what I use. Anything farther out I take my 7mm rem. mag. It doesn't drop the deer any faster than the 30-30, but it's much better at 300 yards.
    If I had to get a new gun it would be a .308. It's almost identical to the 30-06 ballistically.
    The big advantage of using the 30-30 or the .308 is if you find yourself far from home and run out of ammo. Or if you forget your ammo at home. You can find these anywhere.
  10. H&R12G

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    I was wondering when I saw this; WHere can you use 7.62x54 for deer? Because you can't in Indiana.
  11. Brandhard

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    You can in Wisconsin, and I have.
  12. :rocketwhore:50 caliber... You can shoot it and gut it at the same time!
  13. I use one rifle to shoot them all .300 RUM. white-tail, mule deer, elk, bear and cougar.
  14. Brandhard

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    Oneshot, you will probably get as many answers as there are members on this site! I have personally used 8mm Mauser, 7.62x54r, 30-06 Springfield; this year I plan to use 7mm Mauser. Or maybe my SKS in 7.62x39.
  15. Browning

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    anything from .243 Win. up to 50BMG. the choice is yours. just depends on how much recoil you want to contend with.
  16. I can agree with this answer ^, I have used
    243 Win.
    7-30 Waters
    280 Rem.
    308 Win
    303 British
    50 and 54 Caliber muzzle loaders
    and a 12 Gauge Shotgun with slugs

    This year I'm going to use a 7.65X53 Argentine Mauser and possibly my M1 Garand, but it's just another 30-06. A lot of what should determine what you buy is what is legal where you are, what type of hunting you are going to be doing and if you may travel to different areas that have different types of hunting. Meaning are you always going to be hunting in the deep woods with heavy cover or are you maybe going to go places that afford longer shots like open fields and what not.
  17. My muzzleloader is 50 caliber and it doesn't do that. I believe you mean .50BMG...
  18. Base your purchase on how long your shots are going to be, or not be for that matter. What kind of terrain you're shots will be taken in/at mostly. Like, will you be taking shots through a lot of brush?

    That said, I think the best all around caliber is .270.
  19. Billyz

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    I will not waste time telling you what I would not use, but out to 50 yards I have used a 20 guage shotgun. Over that what I use now is .308
  20. ^Didn't know it was legal in Ohio to deer hunt with a 308, when did they change that??