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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Bryan Williams, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. Bryan Williams

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    Ok, Very Dumb Question. Is a 45 Colt shell larger than a 44mag and which has the biggest knock down? A girl, yes girl, told me to go stick my 45 colt up my $#^. I just want to hear from yall that a 45 Colt DOES have knock down power.
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    45 colt vs 44 mag

    The 45 colt is larger in diamiter and size than a 44 MAG. but your talking .01 inch in diamiter...the 45 colt has heaver bulletts available as well. However if you note that the 44 MAG is indeed a MAGNunm it develops higher pressure and volicity...and more power (ft/lps)...a 45 colt can be handloaded to preform like a 44mag IN THE RIGHT firearm. However the more power you get cost you shootability (My 454 SRH is a bear but with 45 colt its a puppy)..rember the 45 colt is a very old cartridge and was originaly designed around black the 45/70. The eqilivent of a 45 colt MAg would be the 454 Cas.
    The question is what you want it for...Taures makes a 45 colt snub nose but the volicity is only around 600fps. For hunting go with the 44 mag. If you are looking into a a Marlin then for plinking then what ever strikes your fancey...
    Hope this helps.

  3. Jack O

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    Brian that sounded like it could hurt more than your feelings. Here goes looked up 300gr. loads for both guns and hotest published loads for 300gr. jacketed bullets. 45L.C. came up with 735fps came up with energy at the muzzle. the 44mag ran 1303fps with a muzzle energy of 1130 at the muzzle. Here is the math for finding foot pounds of energy ( velocity X velocity X bullet wieght in grains Divided by 450436) Hope this helps and look out for that frount sight.:eek:
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    Thanks guys. I read about a 45Colt "Daisy Cutter" bullet that was P+ or something. The picture of the spread when it hit water was 1' 1/2 inches. Anyone know where I can get them? They are made by Speer. I think my Ruger Vaquero with those would definately shut her up in a match against her Sellout S&W.
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    Last I checked, the .44 special and magnums were .429. And, I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that the .45 Colt was actually a little over .45". That would make it over .02" difference. Now about the girl, maybe she really wanted you to do it to her (she was thinking about it, after all).
  6. lefty o

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    .45 colts are typically .452,or .454
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    The colts are generally .452 diam. I load mine with 250 gr. bullets at around 850fps for cowboy shooting.And I think they would have more knockdown power because of the bigger diam. and slower velocity. Won't go thru,just penetrate.:D
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    .45 Colt or .44 mag ?

    The .45 Colt is a good knock down caliber, but never try to compare it to the .44 S&W mag. They're not even in the same ball game. That's sort of like comparing the performance of a VW Bug to that of a Shelby Cobra.
  9. Colt Justice

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    It's really a pretty moot point. Either one will make you just as dead as fast as the other one. Isn't that the real point? Knockdown power? The ability to take out your opponent with one shot? It's a toss up.
    The .45 colt reigned as king for 75 years. The .44 magnum, an Elmer Keith development, just has different ballistics. Both are good short range hunting rounds. I would be just as happy to have either one in a fire fight.
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    well the 44 mag will out preform the 45 colt the surface area of the colt is larger but put a hollow point in both and the 44 wins hands down because of the velocity.

    the nominal DIA. of these is 452 45 colt (some 454)
    44 cal .4295-.430
  11. Shaun

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    what are you looking for is it defensive, target, or hunting? For Defense I would consider the 44 Mag or the 44 Spec. for hunting its a toss up depending on the range and the game if I am hunting off a horse I try to carry a 44-40 rifle and pistol combination. If its target and plinking I go with the 45 Colt. Just depends on your likes
  12. Tinman

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    Well with the Ruger Blackhawk you can hot load a 250 grain to 1350 fps, and a 300 gr to 1300 fps thats a little short of the Ruger Blackhawk .44 mag. That will still do a number on any human.
  13. Bryan Williams

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    will a P+ or a Hot Round round blow a Ruger Vaquero apart ?because the shells read "Only use in firearms made for it or good working order."
  14. Pumpkinheaver

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    The .44mag uses .428" bullets and the .45colt uses depending on date off manufacture .451-.454" bullets, modern factory loads being loaded with .451". The .44 mag is loaded to much higher pressure than the .45colt and thus is loaded to higher velocity thus higher muzzle energy than the .45!
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    Looks to me like someone needs to file off the front sight! Mac
  16. Considering the average combat defense shooting incidents happen in the 7-20 yard range either gun would do major, major damage on center of mass hits. However, if it were me I would stick with the 44 mag over the 45 (also because I can't hit diddly with a 45 auto). Both are fine guns...both have their pluses...both have their minuses.

    Keep in mind, NO GUN is worth a hill of beans if ya can't hit what you're shooting at, and preferrably the first round. Pick the gun that you can hit the barn door with, lol.
  17. Holiday

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    Bryan, your Vaquero will handle any factory load you are likely to stumble across. You would have to really over load a hand load to damage your Ruger. Factory loads in the .44 mag are generally hotter than in the .45 Colt. The .45Colt can be hand loaded to exceed the performance of the .44 mag because the case is bigger around and will hold more of any given powder. However, expecially in the case of older brass, the shell cases are not designed for the higher pressures and can rupture. That is why the .454 Casull was developed, it is basically a .45 magnum in a revolver(there is also a .45 Magnum auto cartridge). All this is not to say that the .45 colt can't be safely loaded to hunting levels, its just not wise to try to out do the .44 mag.:D