California: Assembly session ends, Right-to-Carry restriction bill dies

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    For the Assembly, the curtain fell at midnight Tuesday after a final hour marked by animosity that began with a partisan fight that ultimately killed legislation to ban the open display of unloaded guns in most public places.

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    Oh, listen to the Dumbocratic whine, one obnoxious bitch in particular (who will not be returning for the next session, praise God), when her anti-gun bill got timed out by parliamentary procedure! The witch waited until the last minute to try and pass this bill, because she knew if she brought it up days before the end of the session it would get sent back to committee and die there. She knew the Republicans would do their best to either filibuster it or else grab control of the floor and talk... real... slow... to run out the clock, which is just what they did; and that the Speaker couldn't under parliamentary procedures stop them from doing it.

    I have a hint for now-retired Representative Saldana: If you are proposing a bill so odious that it would end up being pigeonholed if you introduced it during the regular session as opposed to the last hour of the last day of the session, you should not be introducing the bill at all. Whatever the idea is, it's probably bad and would not result in a good law being made.

    And a general warning to the legislators in The Land of the Fruits and the Nuts: HANDS OFF OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS! Your moronic laws aren't helping the people, they're helping the criminals - and for those honest Californians with the courage to ignore your idiotic anti-gun laws, you are turning them into criminals for no better reason than you don't like the fact they believe in the Constitution and personal freedom.
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