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    My son-in-law, who with his family lives with us, decided to try bow hunting this year. Last night I watching him practice out back where he has 40 yd and 65 yd ranges set up. I stood off to the side, but near the target to watch the arrow flight. Wrong. I could hear the arrow but not see it. I did notice that just a second before the arrow sound I heard bow noise and now understand how the deer could 'jump an arrow'. He consistently put 3 arrows in a 6" bulls-eye. I wish him luck, his season starts next weekend. I'm too old to be climbing trees, I'll wait for rifle season in a month.

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  2. big shrek

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    He will need to reduce that bow noise with some limbsavers & spiders :D

    My Pearson Accumax is one of the quietest bows I've run across, but I've pimped the living daylights outta it too ;)

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    bows do get loud when you chase speed. couple things he could try as mentioned above, limbsavers do help, catwiskers on the string, a stabilizer with dampening material built in it. the last thing most guys are willing to try but does the most is shoot a heavier arrow. my own bow isnt the fastest thing out there, but its whisper quiet, the only thing you hear is the fletching cutting thru the air.