California school budget shortfall

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    Big business rules,who cares about the teachers or students as long as the money is there for the takein'?

  3. Mmmm,

    it has always been my observation most school executives want some type monument to themselves.

    Also, most school executives want some type grand accomplishment to put on their resume for the next higher paying job unless they are near retirement.

    The money would have been better spent recruiting top quality teachers and providing a real learning environment.
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    True,but where's the profit in that for the gathering pile of corruption we are witnessing every day?
    This growing greed and corruption has gotten compleatly out of hand.
  5. Hi Rave

    Yes, I agree with you but I wish we were each wrong.
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    that big new school in la has been sitting there for about 4 years. I drive past it almost every day. i suspect it will be the first step on the short road to prison.
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    Since "free" universal education is the 10th plank of the Communist Manifesto I am totally against it. I hope for only the absolute worst for communist institutions.
  9. The last gasp before the empire is consumed...
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    I couldn't agree more. that's why I never drive on roads or
    'Free'ways. free is just another word for communist.
    don't worry, we'll never have to deal with the oppression of freedom in this country.