California Supreme Court overturns gay marriage ban

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Marine1, May 16, 2008.

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  1. Marine1

    Marine1 Guest

    California's Supreme Court quashed a ban on gay marriage in a historic ruling here Thursday, effectively leaving same-sex couples in America's most populous state free to tie the knot.

    In an opinion that analysts say could have nationwide implications for the issue, the seven-member panel voted 4-3 in favor of plaintiffs who argued that restricting marriage to men and women was discriminatory.

    California Supreme Court overturns gay marriage ban
  2. This morning's news

    Ellen Degeneress is heading for the altar with her current lover.

    If Hillary participates in the wedding would she be the maid of honor or the
    best woman or both? :09:

  3. They're going to have to put on more judges in family courts, to handle the overload of divorces...gays and lesbians have their domestic problems, too.

    HARDERTR Guest

    OK....I'll start it off...

    Other than the traditional ethics issue (I PERSONALLY don't agree with it), I don't really see how this change hurts anybody.

    My mother-in-law is gay. She "married" her partner in Massachusettes a couple of years ago. I don't recognize the "marriage", but I bet they will be together much longer than most traditional marriages I know of.

    The whole concept of gay marriage being unconstitutional is based on religion. The US started as, essentially, a colony of religious separatists who created laws that supported their views. The United States of today has turned into something quite different from what I'm sure our forefathers imagined....and so have the laws.
  5. lorcin25

    lorcin25 Guest

    We are definately in the end times.
  6. This is immorale and a terrible sin against God ! He created Man then Woman he gave man and woman the pleasure of intercourse.

    The Bible says thats how Man and Woman become "ONE" when there married through intercourse.
    This can't happen between man and man or woman and woman thus being a sin against the natural use of the body.

    God destroyed the world in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomoria over this same
    And like I said in the other post I live in this country too ! And because God HATES this sin so much his wrath will also take out Christian too if for "example" he decides to punish California.
    A lot of innocent people will be hurt or killed over this.
    Again laugh it off if you want to but God is not Moked and is No respector of any person.
    Were digging our own graves by allowing Gays to marry.

    God made this world and all the things in it and he loves us so much he gave his only begotton son Jesus to take on all our sins because were not perfect and can't do right so Jesus did it all for us if we'll only beleive in him.

    God made the rules and when we break the rules were punished unless we repent and ask to be for giv'in.
    That is if your Born Again .
    That does not mean we want suffer his wrath if he cause's something bad to happen some where, we will still go to Heaven where many want and then theres Judgement day.
    Many in this country have turned there backs on God of the Bible and many have not stood up to the filth and imoral garbage this country now generates.

    Wake up before it is to late !!! I wouldn't waste my time typeing this if it were not true.
    I don't want to make some of yall mad at me, I'm trien to help !!!
  7. Pred

    Pred Guest

    I'm so sick of the whole god argument. I just want someone to give me a simple yes or no answer. Do you believe god agrees with the hate you have towards gays? If the answer is yes, then thats not the god I want in my life.
  8. So what did you expect? After all California is the liberal's "Fantasy Island"
    And believe me I do wish it were truely an island. Maybe then it would float away! Hey us consevertives have fantasies too!
  9. Pred I can forgive and I have compassion, I confees I have said I hate Gays but I really mean there life styles.

    Many Years ago I read a story in Readers Digest about a little boy that had a blood transfusion.
    This little boy contracted one of the first case's of Aids in America. If you were to read this story about what this innocent child went through and his family, you would feel the way I do if your human.
    All this happen because of Gays.
    I cried my eyes out reading this true story and a couple years later I was home on vaction and a movie came on t.v. about this same little boy.
    It was called Go to the Light.
    I wish every one here could watch the ordeal this little boy went through and then he died.
    Along with this and what I typed above is why I feel the way I do about the Gay life style.
    It's wrong for the reason's I've just said...Mike
  10. Windwalker

    Windwalker G&G Newbie

    God put man on this earth and gave him rules to live by.Then he gave man choices. Those who choose to follow His rules will be rewarded and those who do not will be punished. Make your choices, but for me I will try to follow Gods rules.
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  11. i could care less really.....except that its not legal in georgia, and the only problem i see with one state leaving it legal and another not is gays trying to go across state lines to get married.....if they wanna play it that way, then their marriage should not be recognized by the state or georgia, or any state that does not legally recognize
    gay unions period

    also, im tired of people saying its about love.....its not, they want the benefits to (which is a good enough reason for me honestly) i just hate the whole love argument thing
  12. Pred

    Pred Guest

    Either god knew this would happen or he's not an omnipotent god, you can't have it both ways. Two guys getting married does nothing to destroy this country, you may not like the way it looks or disagree with it. But every time two women kiss an angel doesn't die....
  13. CrazyIvan

    CrazyIvan G&G Enthusiast

    Religious people say it is a choice, a lifestyle choice, and therefore, it should not be protected by the constitution. They also say it is against God. Most gays say it is not a choice. A lot of people say that the small number of judges should not overturn the popular vote.

    I have a few things to say about this:

    1. Religion IS most definitely a choice. Why should one religious "choice" be protected by constitution over another?

    2. Religion is a lifestyle, and for many it includes marriage. Why should your religious choice of marriage be protected (in your mind) by the constitution, yet your idea that someone else's choice should not?

    3. "It goes against God." None of us are the judge or prosecutor of immoral deeds on this level. That is for God and his Angels. Live your life the way you believe will get you where you want to be and let others live the way they want to live. As long as it doesn't physically harm another, fine...have at it.

    4. It was of the popular vote in the confederate states that slavery was legal. The Yanks went in and set them straight. Just because it is popular to do something, doesn't make it correct.

    5. 30, 40, 50 years ago, marriage between a black woman and a white man or a white man and a black woman was believed to be "against God," "immoral," and a few other ignorant beliefs. That was the "popular" belief. Does that make it right? Absolutely not!

    Homosexuals are a class of people, just as any religion, race or other in this country. The ability for them to love one another and receive the same financial and social benefits from employers and government should be entitled to them as those benefits are to anyone else. Discrimination against a non-violent class of people is wrong, when coming from a government or employer level.

    And, to finish...WHO CARES? What you do with your wife or girlfriend in your home is none of my business, or anyone else's. It isn't my business or anyone elses what two guys or two women do together either. If it is truely looked down upon by God (which I DON'T believe), then let him judge them when the time comes. It isn't our business.
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  14. KGunner

    KGunner G&G Evangelist

    Very well said Ivan.
  15. Pred you speak your think or own mind. Before you address my post "here" read the Bible and then you can best understand where I'm comeing from.
    I realize theres many non beleivers here, that I hope someday and some will wake up.
    Your entitled to your say though, but to best understand what I typed do some reseach first.
    Which I know you want.
    As far as God knew it would happen...He didn't create us as sheeple as you might say.
    He created us to be independent and gave us a choice, sadly many like you have made poor choices and refuse to beleive in him and his son Jesus Christ.
    He made away for all of us to be saved and to share in his kingdom some day.
    And you know what he will only knock on your door (heart) for so long.
    What I fell to understand is why so many people hate topic's about God.
    There will always be answear's to problems in your life and doors opened for you in situations.
    If you tithe and give offerings he'll bless you beyond measure and it's all right to say that because he said to TEST him. I can provide proff of that if I need to.
    I'm not saying you want have sorrows in your life, but God will bless you with peace that surpass'es understanding.
    He's done it for me.
    Like I said at another thread...I was in a wreck and crippled up, he healed me 3 days later Completely.
    I have NO after affects what so ever.
    So I can say with out a dought he lives, he's real and he loves you and wants to Bless you.
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  16. CrazyIvan

    CrazyIvan G&G Enthusiast

    Mike (AH)

    I am happy you are on the side of God. I am not religious, but I do believe there is a God.

    The problem I have with such a law against a class of people is that it would be based upon religion. The US is not a Religious State run by a Theocracy. We can't discriminate against a class of people because our religion might say it is wrong. I am sure you or another Christian would not want Muslims to vote their religious beliefs into laws and discriminate against you and keep you from practicing your lifestyle choices the way you choose. Correct? If you agree, then how can you believe it is right to enact a law to discriminate against another's choice of lifestyle? (I don't believe being gay is always a choice...sometimes, ya...but I think it is mostly just the way people are, that they didn't choose it, if they are gay.)
  17. Pred

    Pred Guest

    I don't have to read the bible to address your post. Your telling me I need to read the bible to better understand why you justify something I don't agree with. Hate to tell you, thats not the way it works. Your whole argument against gay marriage is "because the book says so."
  18. smokey

    smokey Guest

    I agree with AH!!! America will be judged by GOD.
    And here is another reason being queer is wrong. Male and female reproduce, Thats why we are here.To populate and live in a civilized world. Queers cant reproduce naturaly,thank GOD :hitwithrock:
  19. CrazyIvan

    CrazyIvan G&G Enthusiast

    So outlaw masturbation then as well...because it isn't conducive to reproduction either.

    See, it is only argued when it is convenient for the person who doesn't want it.
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  20. smokey

    smokey Guest

    outlawing monkey spanking would be OK by my to,I'm to old to worry about that now.:34:
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