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  1. Just got to share this method of camp coffee. Have to give credit to Don Greene of Whitewater Experience ( on the web, just add .com) in Houston Texas.
    Fill your coffee pot with cold water leaving out 1 cup to add later. Bring water to a ROARING boil. As SOON as you remove it from the fire dump in premeasured coarsely ground coffee. STIR it like you've never stirred before. BEAT IT! Use a wisk. It will foam up. After the froth dies down, let stand 6 minutes away from heat. Finally, slowly pour the saved 1 cup of cold water around the sides starting at the spout. The grounds will settle. Enjoy. Use your regular coffee and taste the difference. NO cream or sugar !!!
    Try it on your next pot of coffee.
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    Sounds good bro... should I bring Kahlua or Baileys Irish???:drink:

  3. I tried the coffee receipt this morning. I used my regular blend. It really does taste better. I'm usually a cream and sugar kinda guy, but I tried it plain and it really does have a better flavor. I can't wait to try it on the next camping trip. Many thanks.
  4. Your welcome, the coffee taste clean. When useing a gormet blend its really fantastic.
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    Yep, sure is good. used to use an old perculater, but now I'm a convert.
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    Sounds like Turkish coffee, good stuff.