Camping the other hobby.

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    Anyone here like to camp?

    I love to camp in the winter. No kids, no tourists, no nagging wives and best of all peace and quiet.

    And no sweating!
  2. Oxford

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    Yes! I used to take my wife and two daughters (whenever I could get everybody freed up) to several different lakes.

    We'd take my 16ft runabout ski boat/9x12 tent, and all the other camping equipment needed. Then they would pile in everything else from the house they could cram in under the boat cover. Couldn't believe all the unnecessary stuff they took.

    We had fun by skiing, fishing, cooking out, cruising the lake, and just really enjoying being outdoors without phones and all the other city trappings.


  3. Man I have not done that in a while--El natural--what else. But of course it wouldn't be complete with out my better half.
  4. jerry

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    I like to camp, like you said, the sweating thing is not happening. Been a diehard tent man my whole life. But, may have gotten the RV bug. I joined a strip mine sportsmen club nearby. $75 a year to fish 7 lakes and $10 a month for a camp site $20 for power. I know, it's not real camping. But, a place to go to get away, drink a barley pop or a cup of coffee. The RV I'm looking at is nothing fancy early 70's 19' fridge, stove and heater work. still gotta pee outside, toilet is for the girls.

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    Yes, like to camp but getting too old for the tent camping on the ground. Looking for a nice popup trailer. Go to Harrison Lake State park not too far from the Indiana line. Take wifey to the antique shops in Angola,In.
  6. In a pop up tent trailer I feel like I'm on display when the sides are folded out to sleep. Kinda like being in a store window. Perfect height to look out and see a bear looking in though.
  7. Antiques--honey did you catch that. I was talking to wifey.-- Yes dear when do we leave.
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    I really miss camping out...

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  10. Big Dog

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    Fun times. Squirrel hunting by day, cat-fishing at night. My tent is just big enough to fit my inflateable air-bed inside. The ol' back isn't what it used to be. Bears aren't a problem here, but the 'coons will steal you blind! Their little paws can get into anything. :D
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    Went all this last weekend - yes I do like winter camping more than summer because of the heat - I'm a wussy when it comes to sweating.

    But had a ton of fun -setting limb lines, crappie fish'n.

    Caught 70+ on the first day then 4 in the next 3 days.
  12. i havn't camped out in so long!! i need a new tent, and sleeping bag, as i grew out of my old ones and sold 'em.
    anyone have suggestions on what's a good brand to get?
  13. jerry

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    8 mil
    there are sooo many different brands. most are good if bought from a quality sporting goods store or catalog joint like Cabella's. I'd look for something you can fit the entire tribe in. friends or family. allocate space for cots later on. I broke down this year and got them, hogs a bit more space. most newer tents are easier to put up now. I'd go with the rain fly type. seems like heat would rise out better. Make sure you can stand comfortably. Don't know about any one else, but it sucks putting on jeans while lying down! Most of the major brands have a decent degree of flame retardent to them (within common sense) My older nylon cabin tent has a screened in front porch. this is handy for storing gear like the rubbermaid type totes we keep the stuff in. I find sleeping bags way over rated. if it's pretty cold they are usefull to keep the heat in. I usually just grab a few well used blankets around the house.

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    Cots? screened in porch? Thought we were talking about camping? Those remind me of the ones dad use to have when we went camping. I prefer to go light, but I had to buy an air matress last year when I took the wife. She loved it so now she wants to get a 3 room dome type tent so we can put the kids in one side and we can stay on the other!
  15. Oxford

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    There's a difference between men and women camping

    I'm convinced that (most)men and (some)women want different things when camping. When women get involved suddenly they want "everything but the kitchen sink" to be taken to the campsite.

    When just men camp we need a sleeping bag, frying pan, fishing gear, knife, jerkey, gun, a 12 pack of beer and only a few other basics.


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    Oxford, when we going? we'll leave the wives at the hotel.
  17. Oxford

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    50/50 sharing of the work at the campsite


    I've camped a lot with guys on different fishing/floating trips. Most wanted just the basics taken.

    Women want showers available, electricty for their hair driers/blowers, cots, bug screens, tv's, cots, air conditioners...and the lists goes on and on.

    However, to get my family to camp with me I had to compromise. We'd find a camp site with showers and electricity. We all shared in preparing the campsite for the tent and setting everything up, and cooking. I drank the beer. They drank the sodas. That's what they called 50/50 sharing. (ha)

  18. jerry

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    Wife don't go, used to could when we went to the mountains. I typically take my younguns. They need some of the creature comforts, so I take advantage and park my carcas on the cot too. We ahve done plenty of "roughing it" there have been a few times the rain poncho was streched across a log and the night was spent on the ground. Showers, power are not a big deal for the kids. I guarantee daughter won't poop in a hole though. If just a couple of the guys are going we'll rough it, sure. But I'd rather take the kids any day.
  19. So what--when you get our age--women's comforts don't seem so bad. Heck when I had hair I liked to use the dryer as well. South Texas- - air conditioner doesn't sound that bad. Hair-- well I meant I have a flat top now.
  20. NRAJOE

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    Yeah right Alan, you probably went bald from all those 360's in bed all these years! :p