can anyone identify this automatic weapon

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    I have this full auto weapon that is missing the reciever..pretty much everything else is there..The problem is I do not know what it is..looks to be maybe korean war era.Has plastic pistol grip and stock... apears to be german made ( full auto selection is marked with an 'E'...can anyone identify it? I have uploaded some pics to the web at this link... You guys helped me to identify the HK g3 full auto parts I found hope someone can help me with this one.

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  2. looks a bit like a HK g3 to me

  3. You might wanna be carefully about fixing it full auto weapons are a big no no in the us and other parts of the world with out a special permit. A guy I was talking to at the range who I let shoot my my 10/22 wanted to know how hard it was to make full auto and I told him I didnt know and wasnt interested in finding out lol. The guy who runs the range was there and nearly look the guys head off for thinking about turning a semi auto into a full auto with out a class 3 permit I think. I cant remember if thats the right one this happened a few months ago.
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    +1. It's an FN FAL.

    I would suggest looking around on how to legally make sure it's semi-auto and legal to assemble in regards to 922(f).

    Definitely NOT a G3.
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    Actually what you Have is an STG-58 FN/FAL...It has The Major Stoll Flashhider ...Austrian.
  7. It's a FAL

    Got news for you, it is not missing the receiver!! only thing that looks missing is the Breech block! I'm assuming that the gas piston & spring is still where it should be.

    Has a bit of the top receiver been cut or machined off, it is not too clear on the piccys; the bit where it mates to the lower receiver?

    Under UK law you would be in possession of a section 5 full auto weapon unless it was deactivated to current legislation and you had a certificate to prove it.

    Is there anybody knocking on your door yet??
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    dimwits at the range always ask me how easy would it be to turn one of my firearms into an automatic weapon?
    my response is always the same.
    how does a nice healthy stretch in a federal pen grab ya?
    dont talk to me anymore if that is all you want to know.
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    Hey, there's nothing wrong with a 5 year vacation. All expenses paid, and a great bunch of guys too!
  10. Quest over, it has been identified as STG-58 Austrian FN/FAL.

    I'm sure that you are one of the fortunate few allowed to hold selective fire/full auto firearms. I wish I was.